When selecting [Orders That Can Be Accepted in the Fields of Ongoing Quests] it only shows Alliance Orders, Daily Orders, Hans, Franca, Cressida and Lavere. None of the others shows up and have to go through them manually.

Take Forest Expedition for example, where Amelin's [To Observe a Thunderstorm], Rubert's [Garongo's Weak Point], Lottie's Beserk Series and Io's [Perfect Attack Boot Camp I] should've been listed as well since it is related to said Mission. It is also worth noting that they are repeatable Orders.

Class Representive/Afin only missions are not recommended as well despite unlocking them. Although I suppose this could be due to their Orders being a one time completion. So that would make sense as of why they wouldn't be included.

Nonetheless, it is an incomplete list of recommended Client Orders. Whether you finish them in the end or not.