Could someone give me an idea of what their weapon palattes and sub palatte looks like?

The class feels like a mess, and I have no idea what I should prioritize or put where.

Can someone give me an idea what to put on the sub palatte and the weapon palattes?

Personally I have a single pair of Jet Boots and multiple Blades of different elements depending on what I am fighting. Sub palette one is Resta, Trimate, Break Stance, Switch Strike, Summoner's Mark, PB, Shifta, Deband, Megiverse, and Moon. Two and three are basically the same but with PB Restorate Field taking Break Stance's spot, and Blade Fever / Rapid Boost taking over Switch Strike on two or three respectively. I also switch Megiverse for the third sub palette for whatever tech the enemies are weak too assuming that they're not weak to fire, ice, dark, or light. Palette two also has anti over Megiverse.

Edit: I forgot that Shifta, Deband, Resta, and Anti do not change your Jet Boot element but still you should have a slot for a tech to change your element when need be.

first is (forgive me i currently can't remember the names) but here's what i roll: (i use the face buttons.. jump is bottom (a) and three skills from across the top from left to right) 1st: front: normal attack, strike gust, weapon special (for dodges and other assorted things) 1st back: gran wave, vinto gigue, gran wave..

second front is same second back is relevant tech for the area

third is same

sometimes i use the others.. some times not..

i keep fields, buffs, (shifta and deband but also the other ones as well), heal, and mag on 1st sub pallette.

i changed some controls and not sure which so:

L"1" is my sub palette action, L "2" is my switch from front to back palette R "1" is interract/talk/pick up R"2" is dodge

For jet boots: Front weapon pallet is normal attack/Strike Gust/Jet Sweep Kick; back pallet is Grand Wave/Surging Gale/Megiverse. For soaring blades: Front is normal attack, Disperser Shrike, Heavenly Kite. Back is Dash Wing, weapon action, and either Kestrel Rampage or Immortal Dove. Jet boots subpal 1-10 is Hunter Physique, Rapid Boost, Crit Field, Trimate, Moon Atomizer, fire tech, wind tech, lightning tech, ice tech, photon blast. Soaring blades subpal 1-10 is Hunter Physique, Break Stance, Crit Field, Trimate, Moon Atomizer, Shifta, Deband, Resta, Anti, photon blast. I don't keep a light tech on my boots subpal because my boots are light element.