Removing Height Restrictions

lol don't waste your time with this clown. He hasn't even read the site he keeps linking. If he did he'd know that nothing listed there applies to this game. His sole purpose is to get threads like this one locked.


Thanks for awesome the vid, added to my playlist fam

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@JuggernautGTX This is why I blocked him, that and his trolling behaviour. He's saying anyone against censorship of the game, are trying to sexualize something, and yet his mind is the only one doing it. Well besides others that showed their true intent on here, and got banned for it. Also, he could go and make his own thread as to why censorship should stay, and everyone could make their argument for or against, in a fair, un-argumentative behavior, but instead, they tell the GM's to shut down, and silence anything they don't like or agree with.

This dude, among many of those pro censorship, tend to lack common composure skills to argue their point, in fair, and reasonable ways, so the thread eventually devolves into a dumpster fire, filled with hate, and the thread gets locked, thus giving these fools what they really want, a way to silence us. Sounds like a fascist maneuver to me, but what do I know. Freedom of speech and expression, doesn't give one the right to silence the rights of another, and yet, those rights become more like privileges that can be taken away on online forums, due to ToS forms, User Agreements, and by extension, the ToS enforced code of conduct.

These people know that, and use it to their advantage, and goad us all into fruitless arguments, that none of us should even be wasting time with. That's why I just block people when I see them trying to pull that on me. I give them my final thoughts, and block them, because nothing you say or do will ever get them to even attempt to look at these views through the eyes of another.

No we got common composure skills. What you lack is common sense and use of logic skills because spite all evidence, and facts given to you, you resort to using ridiculous examples and technicalities that does not mean a damn thing.

We dont care about your freedom of speech or expression. We know full well what it is you really want, and we want that kept out of our Sci-fi fantasy game. Most of us who are Pro Censor has played the original PSO, and played PSU, and spite some of the things seen in PSU, it is really really tame compared to what the JP Client of PSO2 has, and for many of us, if Height and Breast restrictions were removed, then thats it, we wont play anymore. We cannot take a game seriously spite how fun it is if we see in our 4-12 man groups a buncha flat chested, barely clothed, high pitched, little girls running around with weapons three times their size.

Go ahead and continue to block us. You only do so because you know we are correct. I only block the ones that blatantly shows what their true intentions are. we block you because speaking to some of you folks is pointless beyond pointless. Want to know something that IS right? Height doesnt make a child, voice pitch doesnt make a child, body type doesnt make a child. Age makes a child. And the MC doesnt have a stated one sooooo, as far as im concerned the age is up to the player until specified in game.

@Alexandrious947 Would ya look at that.

It's Ceciliantes from the Steam forums misquoting the law and trying to make a point that doesn't really exist.

Honestly, Just ignore the guy unless we want this thread to get deleted because all he’s trying to do is troll to get this deleted lol. he’s legit just spewing misinformation out of nowhere. Thats all he’s gonna do and going to continue to post the same link instead of coming up with something else for his arguments, that hasn’t already been debunked.

@Alexandrious947 You understand what would happen, right?

Not only people would move back to JP (so sending a signal to SEGA that the "Global" release was a massive failure), those who are more talented WILL make a private server without said restrictions (and more features), getting money OFF Sega.

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@Alexandrious947 You understand what would happen, right?

Not only people would move back to JP (so sending a signal to SEGA that the "Global" release was a massive failure), those who are more talented WILL make a private server without said restrictions (and more features), getting money OFF Sega.

If that is what it takes ... Let it go... The game is a failure anyways

Lol it's always funny when I see people arguing with what looks like themselves and then 8 posts later I finally see someone quote Alex and I'm like, oh yeah, he still exists. rofl.

I keep seeing people mention the word "video" regarding their posts, which I can only imagine is the SAME VIDEO they posted 6 months ago. That's all they've ever done because he has nothing.

Click his name. Go up to more and click block, and watch all the ignorant disappear. 😄

Block if you don't like the person. Report if you think what you said was offensive. But I believe keeping this back and forth in the thread will only get it locked or deleted. I mean, who as a GM and forum manager in their sane mind would want to keep threads around where people accuse each other of being the "P word"?

The one thing I will say is that I DO respect if someone does genuinely fear seeing lewded "minors" running around the game. I'm personally bothered by the fact that if many trolls wanted it, the lobbies right now could become something akin to the Spartacus brothel scene. I expressed my thoughts on another feedback thread, as the issue in my opinion is not the height, but the ability to sexualize any player character already. An issue I know it's way too late to address, so we all have to live with it...

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as the issue in my opinion is not the height, but the ability to sexualize any player character already.

thats what i am saying all the cannot change a peoples mind with "height restrictions" - as somebody stated before - a character is not a "minor" just because he is smoll - he is a minor if you say he is and if you want in your mind that he is....current height restrictions do nothing to prevent that and there have to be people to let the guys in SEGA know hence why this thread exist

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Hi all. At some point I'm going to get the web team to look into having polls on controversial subjects like this, so there would be less of a chance of ... arguments. In the mean time, I'd like to leave this open until we gather the next round of feedback (this week) to see how many unique users have opinions on this matter other than "meh it's fine."

Please show decorum in your responses to others so I can do that (not saying you haven't been, just being proactive.)

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Yes, things have been swamped. To be honest this has been reported, but as it ties into the ESRB rating and other areas, it is no simple decision. By continuing to add more names/numbers of people that are displeased, it does strengthen your position though.

and i would like to leave the GM responses here - i bet it is still being discussed on how and what exactly they gonna change...look at NG the rating changed from T to M recently as well so my guess they are still in discussion about this - i know people are lazy and much prefer to play the game...but it would help if you get as many voices on the forum as possible as they gonna help dramaticly in their future decisions

@JuggernautGTX As I keep saying, peaceful militancy is preferred. But, as was the example with the other threads, some people know they can get them deleted by being offensive and trying to trigger others into their own game. This is why I also supported the idea of also sending feedback on this and other things through support, as was agreed to by the GMs themselves in that pinned thread in General.

To anyone who may be getting angry, patience is the most important virtue. If you have to debate a post that's most likely created to trigger, try to do so in a passive way, explaining your point politely. Let the other side scream itself to oblivion. And if you see a trend, stop addressing that person, even if they think they "won" because they had the last word. Know that the last word is not always truth.


This Supreme Court Case asked the following question:

The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 (CPPA), prohibits, inter alia, the shipment, distribution, receipt, reproduction, sale, or possession of any visual depiction that "appears to be[] of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct." 18 U.S.C. 2252A, 2256(8)(B) (Supp. V 1999). It also contains a similar prohibition concerning any visual depiction that is "advertised, promoted, presented, described, or distributed in such a manner that conveys the impression that the material is or contains a visual depiction of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct." 18 U.S.C. 2252A, 2256(8)(D) (Supp. V 1999). The question presented is whether those prohibitions violate the First Amendment to the Constitution.

It part of its ruling, it stated:

The Act does not cover drawings, cartoons, sculptures, and paintings that depict youthful-looking persons in sexual poses; it supplies an affirmative defense to persons who disseminate visual depictions involving adults who may appear to be children, provided that the depictions are not promoted or presented as child pornography, 18 U.S.C. 2252A(c) (Supp. V 1999)

Based on this, there is legal precedent under US law for PSO2 to be able to remove its censorships as it does not promote nor present itself as child pornography. This is a legal precedent set forth by a Supreme Court case.

In regards to your reference to 18 U.S. Code § 1466A. It states:

Any person who, in a circumstance described in subsection (d), knowingly produces, distributes, receives, or possesses with intent to distribute

This means there must actually be an intent behind to create and distribute child pornography. Sega would not be a person that knowingly produces or has an intent to produce child pornography.

Not to mention, there are precedents set by other games that are far more explicit that go by uncensored, such as Senran Kagura.

The fact is, the game does not need censors and would not violate US law if it did remove censors. The idea that the content violates US law has been debunked many times in this thread and other threads.

The PSO2 video you posted would cause Youtube to run afoul of the law if said content was against the law, as Youtube is owned by a US company, Google, and they can be considered to be distributing the video on their platform.

The cutscene I have linked in my signature, if that was illegal, Sega would have already been sued. The files for it are in the game. Meaning the games download would be distributing the content. Even if something is not accessible through normal gameplay, it is still considered part of the game's content if it is in the game's files; an example of this would be GTA San Andreas and the hot coffee mod.

It is very clear that US Law is not the issue with the censored content. Paranoia of Western Cancel Culture is the more likely culprit.

Yeah I just went ahead and blocked the troll. I would happily read and debate an actual opinion with (properly researched!) evidence, but this is someone who just wants to start shit, and I've got better things to do than argue with people like that.

Back to the subject at hand (or something related), over recent days I've noticed a current event that keeps popping up in my feeds (for reasons I honestly can't comprehend or explain, as I knew nothing of this beforehand), and I've realized that it's very much in the same vein as this topic:

alt text

This is Uzaki Hana, the title character of "Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!" that has recently been getting an animated adaptation. It's a Slice of Life comedy about the spunky and slightly-ditzy heroine trying to get her (totally not) boyfriend to open up a little. Hana is 19 years old (it's stated as such in the first scene she appears in), and just happens to be really short (150cm) with a sizable bust (apparently it runs in the family). She actually acts like a typical anime teenager her age instead of like the child she appears to be (chest size notwithstanding), and gets fun poked at her for looking so young, but other characters quickly realize she's an adult and treat her as such. It's almost as if the manga exists to prove the point we've been discussing in this thread: that "young-looking =/= actually young".

...Try telling Twitter that.

As if to stomp on any hopes of acceptance and diversity I was hoping the common man had, apparently Western people who know of this character without actually knowing the character went batshit nuclear against her because she "looks like a child". There are way too many comments that use Hana as a means to accuse Japan of sexualizing a child. I've even seen a couple arts of Hana getting murdered to represent this hate that I wish I could unsee. It's bad enough that a significant part of Japan's own fanbase noticed and is vocally disturbed by the West's reaction.

I've seen real-life adults in my part of Canada who look younger than this - hell, one of them was one of my high school teachers who was 25-30 years old, and everyone treated her like a teacher despite looking like she could be a student! But apparently the majority of Western people aren't that kind. It puts into perspective that what @Archetype-Luna said about "Paranoia of Western Cancel Culture" might be more true than we might think, and it would certainly explain why SEGA would modify PSO2NA's height slider - I still think it's bloody stupid and spineless, but knowing the scope of the reaction they'd get, I can at least understand the choice now.

@SLthePyro Yeah there was a video that one of my good friends linked that literally covered the topic about her.

Apparently she is dividing even the anime watchers in to two camps more or less.

I think this is also an overreaction caused by people having way too much stuff to do cause of the Corona so they invented a new problem out of nowhere to complain about in order to forget about Corona existing.

I bet it was also caused by some troll reaction or joke crusade like the campaign started by 4chan where they got feminists to wet themselves....

Ye that actually happened and it was covered quite widespread by even mainstream news platforms before discovered to being a troll.

Crazy how badly those who keep citing the laws actually read them. Context. Terminology matters. I can only assume those saying it's a legality issue are trolling because right within the laws they cite disproves their point. You can't use a CP law against fictional art. And honestly- it would really bury a real problem... When it uses the terminology "indistinguishable" from an "actual minor" that "exists" - it's not talking about art or fiction. When it says but drawings and cgi can be used if it fits that- it means photorealistic art that a jury of peers would be unable to distinguish that said photograph was edited. . No one is going to look at anyone in pso2 and believe it may be real life. I hope..

Either way- this legality issue keeps being used by people who don't understand you're not ever going to convince people of it until you find a law with different context that applies to PSO2. Don't argue about it- just ignore those people- for fear of starting a 40 page debate that ends in a locked thread. It's likely what they would like to see happen anyway.