Removing Height Restrictions

@Archetype-Luna That might have been the plan all along though... since its released already i'm sure its alright to bring up, but past datamines ever since the Windows 10 version launched showed that it was always going to be the case as the Steam version would lack any sort of Xbox Live functionalities (this is why you need a linking code to link accounts) and as a result there would be no way for Steam players to add Xbox Live players as friends and vice versa... plus even without the datamine, it was always quite obvious that they were going to add another friend list category given that "Xbox Live Friends" existed as a tab:


The most likely reason we even had Xbox Live Friends as the only way to add players as friends back then is most likely the result of a Microsoft requirement regarding having a separate friends list on a cross platform game that both use Xbox Live as (to my knowledge) cross platform Windows 10 and Xbox One games rarely have their own separate friends list... only when the game then allows you to play with players outside of those two platforms is there one.

@Leonkh99 Thinking about this for a bit; if the plan was to switch over to the normal friend list, the fact that they had xbox live integration implemented for some months is rather perplexing. Unless the steam launch was only done due to the failure of the MS Store, it would have made more sense to just use the normal friend list rather than go through the trouble of setting up the xbox live integration.

It is ironic that auxiliaries are still shorter than the player. By all rights, if they had issues with player characters, auxiliaries should have received the same treatment.

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It is ironic that auxilaries are still shorter than the player.

I think there are a few factors here for this. First, the shorter auxiliaries still have the proportions of an adult. You can't create big head big eye people as auxiliaries. They look more like mini adults than children. Second, auxiliaries are pretty much a remake of the partner machine units from PSU, which were also essentially mini people. And lastly, since you cannot make your auxiliaries pose or dance (as far as I know), nor they can be summoned in lobbies, they are very safe from what people do with their regular characters.

@Archetype-Luna Microsoft has certain requirements for games releasing on their Xbox platforms, majority of games with Xbox One and Windows 10 cross platform multiplayer often use Xbox Live Friends. Its not uncommon for online games to have multiple friends list... for some time in Rocket League you could only be friends with players from your platform... eventually they added their own Friends System for cross platform friends which co-existed with the old Platform specific (Steam, Xbox, Switch, etc) friends system.

I can't go into too much detail due to rules regarding discussing datamines but... the code relating to the Steam version including the dedicated PSO2 Friends System were there since day one in the Windows 10 client.

I am still annoyed from a PR standpoint that they haven't told us anything about this.

It's no surprise, given they refused to tell us why the game was delayed for 8 friggin years. It's almost like the devs and GMs hate the West.

@Shadow-Brumby They did get the same treatment as far as I know. They're like 1ft smaller I think. Still ironic that they're fine but characters are a big no no.


It's simply because auxiliaries don't get to pole dance or use alot of other provocative emotes.

Sega's attempt at a T rating, their use of the ESRB as a scapegoat, and their silence is proof of it. They (9r Microsoft) don't trust the players to not fall into the Loli trap.

They shoved it up to M17+ though. Everything including what was censored should be absolutely fine at least in the US. Really just comes down to morals and "playing it safe".

I just find it all funny because with every eastern MMO that hits it's pretty clear that the NA audience prefers to create small characters/female over anything else. If they're that popular, it's pretty clear the majority that play eastern MMOs have absolutely no problem with seeing what they see. Hell, characters already appear pretty short now and look how many people are still playing. Almost every major block I go to is full of female characters all small in design and a lot of skimpy outfits. If this was a problem, the moral brigade would have left at launch. A character 10cm shorter isn't going to change a thing, nor is a scene right out of an anime.

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NA audience prefers to create small characters/female over anything else. If they're that popular, it's pretty clear the majority that play eastern MMOs have absolutely no problem with seeing what they see.

and not just NA also a former TERA player i can say that i have seen more elin in game than all of the other races together...guess "all of them must be pedos in real life" according to some of our most reputable forum users

@JuggernautGTX I mean Tera obviously stood out the most because the developers and publishers flipped on censorship because of how popular Elin was. I played Tera myself and Elin was the most popular by far even with all the nay sayers on the forums.

Aion is anouther one that stood out for me as I played it for many years and got to endgame with the BIS gear on 3 different servers during my play time. I played the game when it was incredibly popular too and I can safely say with confidence, small characters were by far the most popular by a significant margin. Lots prefer small cute characters but there were other reasons for making one in this game. It made it harder for people to target you in sieges. That's about it though. Aion has a T rating too. While it doesn't have a pole dance emote it certainly has incredibly skimpy outfits and retains that T rating.

@Zenny Since we're on this topic you might want to look at archeage (bless that game, sad it had to go out because of pay to win) the female dwarve race is another example of this. Despite it being restricted to one faction, out of all the races in that said faction female dwarves will be the main thing you'll see due to them being cute small characters compared to other races. It does show that people love these types of characters or races. Feel free to correct me on this information.

@Saiyunaz People will always make cute characters over male characters since often times male characters look like ARSE or cannot be customized to look cool enough.

So people would rather rotate over to female characters since they have more customization and are prettier to look at.

People don't really like to look at males which is funny tbh.

I mean male commercials often draw the attention away from teh male and rather to specific items, objects but female commercials draw the attention to the female often times.

@SleeprunnerInc This is also true and reasons why I make a female character in most mmos I play nowadays due to that. Some people will come to me and say I'm weird for choosing a female character over a male character and I'm sitting here like "I just like the look of the female models and customization better than males." Nothing is wrong with that at all, some mmos will often times have a balance in making males and females look good though aka Black Desert.

@Saiyunaz Yeah I played AA but during it's earlier stages. I quit not too long after Aurora as it was just stupidly p2w. Great game otherwise. I can't really say in regards to AA as I didn't play it when the new races hit. I've only followed the trends and data regarding the MMOs I've played which is a lot and most are Eastern. In general small characters are the most popular choice or equal in popularity to anouther choice so It wouldn't surprise me. You could already make tiny characters in Archeage without the other races so...