Removing Height Restrictions

Again, it's pretty normal this happens. Dead or Alive series didn't bring DoA Xtreme 3 to the US because Koei Tecmo didn't want a horde of Karen's trying to sue them for overly sexualized huge breasted women. It really has nothing to do with if they don't want short characters or giant anime breasts, it has everything to do with this snowflake society.

@2B Just gotta amass a group of PSO2 players to fight against the Karens then 😉

I, too, would like to see this restriction removed, even though I understand fully why it was implemented in the first place and the potential implications of removing it.


Please remove the restrictions, I want to make my characters like in the JP version.

Though I don't make short characters, I'm not particularly fond of the height restrictions as well.

Please remove height restriction. Having a bigger height disparity between people makes group screenshots nicer 🐶

Logged in just to put my opinion in as well. I want my character to be the same as they are in JP, so I agree with removing height restrictions.

First time i've been on this forum but logged in just to say that unlike a lot of people that do understand why the height restriction is in place but still want it removed... I don't understand why it is in place- and still want it removed.

Simply put- it doesn't make any sense. Height has nothing to do with age- and it's one of the most strangest cases of censorship I have encountered. I told myself if that was all that was changed- perhaps they did that so they wouldn't have to censor certain fashion down the line and everything would feel intact. But overtime the fact that the restriction was put in place without any statement by the developers and without any outcry whatsoever of the playerbase... it becomes more and more worrisome that I can't expect future fashion to not be withheld for the sake of decency. It started as- well if that's all that's changed... it's fine.. and now it's- if something so insignificant and small was changed without any feedback or reason- what about things even more risque?...

I know I have a habit of ranting- but i'll add a tl;dr at the end for those who don't want to bother with this. First of all- I am a JP player. I played for roughly 5 years and spent upwards of $600 on that version. The only reason I stopped was because the group I played with moved to other things and I followed them. Since that time we all played together and the NA release that group has got a few extra members that don't know much about PSO... We all wanted to return as vets and help out the new members of our group to fully appreciate what this game does do correctly- which is a lot.. Especially if the games support team is as competent and understanding of the base as the JP support team was.

You can probably imagine our fears when we started hearing of censorship concerns and confirmations.. As a paying player of JP- I know as much as anyone that this game survives and flourishes solely on cosmetics. Fashion is what makes the money and no one is going to disagree that the lewd outfits are more popular and therefore more valuable and sought-after. This is a character creator with a game attached to it- It is all things fashion that you can dream up and that variety and dress-up is what keeps things fresh and gives the community new ways to show off. Even among niche JRPGs- PSO2 goes the extra mile and gets a very narrow group of people that play for those costumes... so knowing this- that the playerbase literally plays for variety in fashion and character design and that the game makes money off fashion and character design- and people who care for fashion and character design will be the only ones sticking with the game and supporting it for years to come.... WHY would you change the character creator without any reason or community feedback?...

It's just so illogical. I can't bring myself to support a censored or watered down product- and while some people don't believe this falls under censorship... It definitely does. It's a shining example of it in the worst way- completing unnecessary. It did not save the rating for the game- Japan ratings also started as Teen. Even if your character could be 6 inches shorter- the game would still be rated T(until the future episodes where it pushes into an M rating.).. I want to spend money on scratches but i'm afraid down the line things I want might be taken out or changed in ways that make me regret paying for an inferior version of the game that shows the developing team doesn't understand their audience..

I want to trust the support team of NA to be as competent as JP- to give us what we want and the option to choose to use it or not- rather than making decisions themselves on what we can or can't use/wear/do. I want to throw money at this game(my group as well) without regretting it when the new fashion removes a piece we needed for cosplay options because it isn't up to western sensibilities. I just want to love PSO2 again the way I loved the JP version and respect the support team that works hard with every update to bring us things we love.

And I know before things like this- there are bigger problems. Technical ones- such as the lobby lag.. But i'll say it and I am sure other people are thinking it too- If you want to show the playerbase that you're with them the same way JP support was with them.. revert the changes to height and allow us to make our JP characters. We understand we might not get all the collabs due to licensing issues- that isn't a problem. Most of what was so great as far as fashion was the JP teams own designs. We'll make do-. . Just show that we can put our trust in the NA team and we'll both get so much more out of it. Respect the players and things will be much smoother.

Anyway- sorry for the rant..

tl;dr Restrictions make me fear for the future- please revert them so I can trust in the future of the game before I throw money at it.

I, too, support the removal of the height restriction. Creating your characters the way you want them to be is a big thing for me when it comes to MMORPGs. I feel like everyone should be free to create whatever they please, and restrictions like these hurt creativity.

Yeah, the height restriction makes no sense. Especially when you do abit of digging around of heights ingame. If they allowed small toons in one region I don't see why they have to restrict it in another region unless the company has a disdain for people with dwarfism.

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@Zerkx1 That slide gif made me laugh a bit. Hopefully the poll comes soon.

it's 2020 the year of body shaming. Microsoft said no short people allowed.

Jokes aside I really hope this gets fixed I find these kind of changes are just extremely stupid.

Also where is smart inner?

So... Microsoft despises short people. Like "We will publish your game, but we don’t like you." What a racism Microsoft! 0587956795679.jpg

@citizen404 said in Removing Height Restrictions:

So... Microsoft despises short people. Like "We will publish your game, but we don’t like you." What a racism Microsoft! 0587956795679.jpg

Except Microsoft isn't publishing the game. SEGA is. (As in, JP SEGA.)

@coldreactive said in Removing Height Restrictions:

@citizen404 said in Removing Height Restrictions:

So... Microsoft despises short people. Like "We will publish your game, but we don’t like you." What a racism Microsoft! 0587956795679.jpg

Except Microsoft isn't publishing the game. SEGA is. (As in, JP SEGA.)

It looks like one publisher is dependent on another publisher and cannot publish anything on its own. But Sega can proudly be called a publisher. The main thing is not to upset Microsoft, then Sega will be able to continue to "publish". Am i wrong?