Everything about the game's perfect and great, awesome job!

Don't listen to haters talking bad about leveling/cash features demanding everything to come in handed to them for free and efortlessly.

Great job Sega! Keep it up, it's awesome. Ever since I could get through all the hoops to get the game running (Thanks Microsoft Store) I spent about 70% of the hours since then online.

Loving it!

The one problem I feel most people agree to is the volume of complains about the game uninstalling, and people unable to run the game, at all or after a period of time. The last update fixed stuttering. That's a plus and a step forward. But we could use a more compatible game. I say "compatible" because while people should mind the health of their computers, if the game devs can make the game run through more of those configurations, less people will be complaining.

If a game has to rely on a third party app to even be playable it really isn't deserving of praise especially considering the span of time. Also Ep 4 hasn't happened yet its the low point the hated step child the abomination of the game that people only talk about to make other aspects of the game seem better. Because it could be worse we could still be in Ep 4.

@Doam-Burger Why EP4 was bad? I only started playing JP again at the end of EP4. Sure the story kind of blow since they tried to have some tie to the anime. Mother Cluster characters were very popular and people seem to enjoy Yamato and Mother UQs. Deus Esca was ok after they nerfed it since non-expert matching were failing it like over 75% of the time due to the 5 minute DPS check.

It was EP5 where people revolted to buster quests and the dev team had to apologize.

@ZorokiHanuke every time microsoft store updates it game services app it breaks the game

@HarmlessSyan Yeah I started with 5 myself and Buster quests while an issue was addressed by the devs. Ep 4 replaced 1-3 as the entry point to the game so yeah the story was bad but that bad story was the first thing in front of new players to the game. The popular characters like mother didn't come in until the second half and since they release in chunks the horrible first half was all new players really knew. Though I can't remember how omnibus unlocked new players can swap to a newer episode. I beat ep 5 before i beat ep 4 for example though that also means I wasn't around for the hate just head people going on about 4. I'm sure episode 4 being an overhaul of things didn't help at all and I'm certain it will get hate when it launches especially the pedo parts which I'm hoping they'll change.

Personally I did enjoy the second half but I was highly critical as a person who played PSO 1&2 on the gamecube to come back to a series only to be smacked with amnesia and cringy anime cliches of teenagers hitting on what was essentially a child. All the while NPC talking about some epic adventure Phantasy Star like adventure you only get to hear about while your stuck in peeping tom jokes.