installer issues?

So whenever I try to install pso2 it goes for a little bit and then closes itself. It does this whether I go through the microsoft store or use the tweaker(which now requires the microsoft store version to run anyway) It does the exact same thing with trying to use the xbox app for pc as well Can someone help me?

@DDDDLife that didn't do anything

@Ravyn-Panthera said in installer issues?:

@DDDDLife that didn't do anything

Well , did you Uninstall any previous attempts to re-install the software?

So, like.. you will have to set you PC in DEVELOPER mode first. Then , make sure that you are signed to the XBOX services. Just to double check, goto the Xbox website and make sure you are signed in. Now.. Open the Xbox companion... in the top window, search for PSO2 and click install .