Go for Elemental Weaknesses or "Just Use Fire"?

As of this writing, I'm a Lv. 50 Fo/75 Br. I started as a Braver primarily because of the speed the class, but I've been trying to play as a proper Force while doing Marlu's(Massively underrated waifu BTW) Orders. My playstayle has always been "Gotta go Fast", so charging every Technique feels tedious. However, there is a Rapid Casting perk for Fire Techs that I originally got just for casting Shifta. All of the other elements take longer to charge, especially Light Techs in my experience. I've also haven't seen large increases in damage when exploiting enemy elemental weaknesses; 1-3K more, at best.

tl;dr I'm impatient. Can I just set everything on fire?

You can definitely go with a Fire build but Fire as an element drops off rather quickly starting from Episode 4. You'd also be missing out on one of the strong points of Force; the ability to adapt to the enemy's weakness.

You really should be charging your techs though. Casting techs without charging means you're doing only about 30% of the damage you would otherwise be doing with charged tech.

Sure, at like lv40 things die pretty quickly. Even at lv60 during VHAQs. But once you go past that you'll realize that you are not only no longer killing things quickly, your damage output will be severely disappointing compared to a lot of people. You would only be doing something like 4 digits or low 5 digit damage; other people will either be doing the same but multiple hits, or one hit for high 5 digits or even 6 digit numbers.

Once tech crafting comes, some of the tech has the option of faster cast time, though. But even then, outside of very certain tech, most have no more than 1s cast time.

I did all 6 elements in my build, and to be honest I find myself hardly ever using fire. You could probably get by with just Fire, but you'd be missing out on a lot of great techs in the other elements. The current most used tech on NA by most Force players would have to be Gizonde. My advice would be to get used to charging, even if it feels slower. That's just how Force plays; you won't be hitting as frequently as some other classes, but your hits will pack a huge punch. And there's nothing more satisfying than taking out an entire group of enemies in a single Gizonde, Rabarta, etc.

If you find yourself falling behind and "gotta go fast", try grabbing Lightning Tech PP Preserve, and in the Techer tree PP Restorate and PP Conversion. Then spam Ilzonde to get you to the action faster. You'll still want to charge your attack techs, but it'll help with your overall speed.

@Cheltaran13 Love lighting up a huge circuit of baddies as soon as they spawn with Gizonde