and it's KonoSuba at that 👏 👏 👏 🙌

Finally we will all be able to walk the path of.. EXPLOSIONS!

Thought it was some .hack cosmetics lol. Never watched Konosuba before but good for you guys.

You can make decent enough .hack chars with the cosmetics already out. But i'm with you hoping for a future .hack collab, although i have my doubts about it ever happening

I wouldn't be surprised if we get a KoF collab... SNK has been slapping those characters pretty much everywhere.

i support gender equality

Bring Persona please. I really like the P4 school outfits but I think they only have Chie and Yu's? ;; I wanted Rise...

While the Vocaloid collab was a nice surprise, I feel like this one confirms that SEGA is interested in actually bringing over a ton more so there's a lot less guessing if we'll get them now.

Makes me wonder what the licensing agreements are worded as, if SEGA has full rights to use the licensed content regardless of region. If so, that'd be pretty sweet, but usually it's on a per-region biases so we'll see just how many really make it to NA.

With that said, and if any GMs see this... It'd be worth considering doing the Re;Zero collab in the next month or two since season 2 of the anime is about to start airing. Strike while the iron is hot and while it's very much relevant.

So no explosion? Excited for Megumin gear, but... why no Explosion skin for Rafoie / Ilfoie? Sure, the emote is cool.. but EXPLOSION!

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E M E R G E N C Y C O D E : W A L L E T

I was worried about whether we would get all the anime collabs that Japan got. This is a good sign. I already grabbed some AC in preparation.

I'm hoping to God that this means we'll be getting most (if not all) of the collabs JP got. With Re:Zero and Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei getting seasons 2 this year, it'd be great to see those AC scratch collabs. Though with Re:Zero starting next week, I'm not too confident in that unless it happens when the Military Line leaves on the 8th (which funny enough, is when Re:Zero S2 starts airing).

Would probably be a good way to get a collab with anime hosting sites too or something (ie. Hey! Anime collab! Go watch new episodes of this anime at so-and-so site!). Like CR/FUNimation or even Netflix/Hulu. Get some Mag devices themed after their logos or something, lol. That probably won't happen though.

Well, Konosuba is Crunchyroll, so the fact that we go this one means at least any other CR anime are open since the company is obviously open to collaboration.