Has anyone EVER beat Magastu's second form in Super Hard Difficulty with random people and not purposely be part of an Alliance?

I never did, not since he was released, I did beat him in Extremely Hard. Which almost gives me some earlier Luther memories when I wasn't able to beat him when he came out and I feel like I should start dropping instructions again. It also kinda doesn't help that I believe that all the level 75 players are fighting him in Extremely Hard which majority of the people who know how to fight him are beating him there. Oh well, I just hope I can beat him one day.

Why would you choose to do it in SH over XH?

Considering AIS scales with level and Magatsu's HP on SH is abormally high, i'd assume it's rather unforgiving. If you can avoid SH AIS Magatsu, it's very tight fit for pugs even on XH

Did Magatsu SH with some pretty thorough players. We spammed the guide Symbol Art at the beginning and had some odd camaraderie with our weak bullets. AIS had a bit of mobility with Over Boost and you can 'deal tons of damages' with Photon Blasts at the right locations/timing.

Standing all on one rock after each Magatsu to share a heal with other players felt warming.

Do XH and all 3 always die.

I did once, but it was mostly a fluke, as at least four people knew what they were doing, and seemed to be together.

And by second form in my case, I mean third gold magatsu. I've only ever once failed second magatsu.