(Ship 02) Absolute Zone (English, Discord Server Included, but not required!)

Alliance Level: 4

Ship 02

Location: U.S / Canada

Timezone: NA Timezones / evenings and late night

Playstyle: Any / play at your own pace.

Absolute Zone is an alliance dedicated to party play and anime... socks.

We are an Alliance created for the focus of running leveling and endgame content together, including AQs, Urgent Quests, Ultimate and Extreme Quests! Our officers consist of people who have played JP, albeit to a limited degree, and would be happy to answer questions for you or to direct you to a place that can.

I am personally very active, as are a few of our other Alliance members, however as we are fairly small I've been working on expanding. I'm looking forward to increasing the size swiftly so that we can be an active, fun-filled alliance very soon!

Since our founding members are all PC-based, we use Discord for any communications outside of the game itself. While not required, we highly encourage joining, it is not required to join our voice chat.

Our rules are: Posting any offensive content in game or the discord will result in an immediate kick. That includes 18+/nsfw content (and symbol arts), racism, sexism, etc.

Do not harass members, or non-members in any way. Members found doing this will be kicked and blacklisted.

Anything classified as pointlessly r00d that's not in the rules may get you a warning or kick (depending on the severity of the r00d) Be respectful and have fun!

• If you'd like to join please add Aetherveil#9421 on Discord! I am generally active anywhere from 9AM-2AM, or 12PM-2AM.

• As an alternate means of contact, my in-game name is Mysst, feel free to send whisper in-game Via the Arks Search in the Visiphone menu as well!

The Emperor's New Bump

It was a concerning Bump.

The Emperor began to worry about his New Bump.

The Emperor brought his greatest advisors together to talk about his New Bump.

The Emperor's advisors didn't know what to do about the New Bump.

The End.

Bump! We're still here, and with the new release of the Steam version of the game I'm hoping we'll get some fresh new members to liven up the place! Come on and join. ^^

Another new bump!

A good old-fashioned bump.

I'd really appreciate to hear from people even if they're not entirely sold on joining my Alliance, I feel there is a lack of communication in this game, and most players seem to keep to themselves in small friend group alliances, which is fine, but it limits the potential for large player-formed events, and social activities that really are allot of fun to do in this game.

That all being said, please enjoy your time and have a wonderful day! ^^

Hey all, just refreshing the page again. Still actively recruiting for Absolute Zone. ^^