[Ship 2} Heresy & Cookies Alliance recruitment - calling all falspawn slaying deviants!!!!

Still got room, keep em coming 😃

Slots available, come say hi and chill Current weekly tracking across ship 2 alliances 40th for alliance points 31st for rare item drops alt text

Currently have 2 slots available Chill, active & helpful community - group for almost every UQs, run triggers etc etc

Any questions ask on our discord or even in game Home block is 70, so even feel free to come find us there 😉

Just in case anyone's wondering we ain't packing a bonsai tree alt text

Still looking for active folk to come join our ranks, don't be shy now 😉

3 Slots currently available for active folk 😃 alt text

4 slots currently available, come say hello 😉alt text

Running a smaller alliance and want to big part of something bigger? Consider an Alliance Union with us, we have regular players, we are chill and our tree is practically maxed (just the last couple levels of def) We've done this before and will happily consider any groups looking at this option

Drop me a message either here, in game or even better on discord (Daemonicrazor#1937)

Currently have 4 slots available, come say hello!

  • Tree is maxed
  • Regular players during US / SEA times
  • Chill relaxed, no mandated content, No BS
  • Group content actively hit, UQs / Trigs etc

As mentioned before, if you're already running a smaller alliance and want to be apart of something bigger hit us up You can carry over you're hard work but via alliance union, happy to talk about it

Happy to talk via our discord, DMs (either here or in game) or come chat directly

I'm often chilling in b12 cafe 😘

alt text

Always looking for more active additions to the Cookies Family 😈

All of the previous still applies - max tree, active players, group content and you can actually play the game the way you want!!! (strange concept ikr!!!)

Alliance Unions still considered for the right player mix, good way to maintain all your hard effort while being able to relax a bit more

System in place for folk looking to go on hiatus, we're here to be invested in folk who want to play the game - but also understand real life takes priority, now more than ever for a lot of people!!!!

Want to find out more come see us on any one of the following

  • Discord https://discord.gg/uPFb4cK
  • In game visiphone
  • DM me direct on discord (Daemonicrazor#1937) or any of our other fine officers
  • Come say hey directly, You'll find me in b43 cafe chilling on the righthand table as Smut Gremlin more often than not 🤘 (avatar on the right in the image 😉 )

alt text

All the previous still applies, come say hi folks 😸

alt text

3 slots currently available folk 😉 alt text

Keep em coming folk =p alt text

Still recruiting, details the same as above

2 spots available at time of writing this and currently ranked 26th alt text

Happy Holidays folk 😉 Currently recruiting for H&C and our sister alliances - H&C actively between ranking 22nd to 25th on current leaderboard

Come join our happy active little community and relax awhile

Any smaller alliances wanting to merge into larger one? come talk with me 😸

alt text