[Ship 2} Heresy & Cookies Alliance recruitment - calling all falspawn slaying deviants!!!!

Why hello there fellow ARKS operative 😘

We're pretty diverse bunch here at H&C, our alliances member range in all skill levels including a good contingent of late game heavy hitters! Early game players with aspirations are welcome, though ideally mid term folk upwards are what we're looking for

The emphasis here is community, sure we run death squads on ultimate farms and slay the odd Magatsu or ten.........but the people make it. So with that in mind we invite all people new and old to get in amongst the banter on Alliance Chat and discord

Cooperation is highly encouraged as the squad that slays together and all that jazz,
Random alliance events can happen with folk going to the casino or whatever takes our fancy, While we are a sophisticated 🎩 lot we also do not discriminated against the "lewder" arts 😈 , culture is important you see.

So if you're looking for an alliance whose range varies from Fashion to Drop farming........ Or from Advanced to Urgent Quests.... Well then we're the heathens you should call on

Feel free to contact us either on our discord, https://discord.gg/uPFb4cK or find us on the ARKs Visiphone under "Heresy&Cookies"

An ARKs life of laughing and slaying awaits, so hit that button now, Cheers Daemonic (AKA CAST Daddy)

sitting at 94 members at the moment, come up on in 😃

Recently hit 50th for alliance point rankings, come and say hello

Join us!!!, we are good, nice and positive people 🐕

So folk have come to see us and are now active and vocal members of our community

Don't be shy, reach on out either here, our discord or in game

Even feel free to message me in game and i'll get back to you =p

Taken on more people but still have room at this stage, come see us if you're active and want to contribute to a sociable community focused alliance 😃

keep on coming folk

We are still looking for more active people who want to join our community of raiding, gambling, bantering and lewding 😈 Don't shy, drop a message on here, discord (link above) or in game

If you're unsure what an alliance is all about, feel free to ask 😃

This Alliance saved my marriage, my wife was about to leave me. Since I joined the Alliance, she has been the happiest woman ever!

Join up folks, it will change your life. 🙂

Bumping up the goodness that is H&C!!!! 4 slots currently available....... tell your family......... tell your friends