[Ship 02] Utopia's Eden has returned to PSO2! (English, Discord, MSTeam)


ATTENTION ALL ARKS: Utopia's Eden was once a prominent alliance in the PSU and you now have the choice to answer the call to bring back the UE! We are a mix of veterans, casuals and newbies just trying to get by. Join us while we have fun, grind, and gamble. No minimum levels or log in requirements. Most play in CST but we have a few EST.

--We also have a Microsoft Team that is being set up for End Game Build Guides, Market Pricing, Direct PSO2 Forum access, Twitter updates, patch notes and more. (MSTeam link will be given upon admittance)

Leader: itsdyne (Main:Dyne)

Head Recruiter: AKAConqueror (Main: Makarov) 10480514

Utopia's Eden was once a prominent alliance in the PSU. Founding members each have over 30 years of experience with the Phantasy Star Franchise


After executive decision, El Psy Congroo will live on only in memory... And Stein's Gate.

UTOPIA'S EDEN has returned.