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And the trade wont be as useful in the future, because being able to buy current BiS weapons / units was never really a thing and it's probably not gonna be a thing on NA either once 15* roll around.

I feel like an easy fix to this would be make trading universal and put material storage as part of premium to replace it. I would use material storage way more than I currently use trading tbh.

ESO has their material storage as part of their premium and it was one of the primary reasons I bought it when I was playing that game.

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Locking the ability to trade with other players behind needing to pay real money for Premium Access, is scummy, just....plain and simple, and no matter who you are or what excuse you may have, nothing will change that.

I would gladly pay real money for OTHER things from the Cash Shops, but paying to be able to trade? I would not willingly want to do that, as paying to be able to use such a BASIC feature, which a plethora of other free to play games let you do without having to pay real money at all, just......very terrible design here.....and I know the game has been like this for 8 years but.....yeah it is high time this was changed.....

Drops are per player, you don't have to share them, so what's the problem, really?

Let me let you all in on a little secret.

In the FUN shop you can buy a furnishing called a Photon Capsule machine and place it in your room. This furnishing allows you to stick any items that is 12 star or below in it and set a price to for visitors to use it. By paying the price they are given one of the random items in the machine.

The capsule machine can be used to by pass the locked trade system to a degree. If your looking to sell an item or even just give an item to a friend, you can place the item in the capsule machine, it being the ONLY item in there, set the machine to the lowest price (1000 meseta or whatever price you all agreed on) and just have the person use the machine. Since the item in there is the only one they are of course guaranteed to get it.

This does not solve all the problems, but for those looking to help out friends who are new by giving them some handy items/gear, this is one way to go about it.

I've never understood the mindset that limiting features that affect honest players are the best way to combat RMT traders/spammers from ruining the games economy, especially since these restrictions always, ALWAYS get circumvented.

They only way I've seen spammers/sellers get rendered somewhat obsolete (since they will ALWAYS exist) was when games themselves offered some form of their own RMT, like GW: 2 and the gem system, or Skyforge and their credits, albeit you can only earn a limited amount weekly. So you have multiple options:

Pay a sub for premium and get a set amount of the special currency, there is the option to purchase the special currency directly from the cash shop, OR you could convert the in game currency into the special currency.

It puts the spammers in direct competition with the developer/publisher, and players have a tendency to side with the developer not only cause they love the game/character(s) and want to support the game, but it also offers the less risk since buying from a third party website risks a ban. It's a win/win.

There would have to some serious ironing out, especially when trying to figure out what the exchange rate in game should be, and it wouldn't completely get rid of the spammers, but it is definitively the better way, I feel anyways, to combat them. But considering that this system has been in place for 8 years, and SEGA of Japan managing the NA release, I don't see them making any kind of change, especially one this drastic, in the future.

alot of people just buy scratches to sell for meseta, almost the same as buying currency from the game but there being a chance your $30 gets you 5mil-40mil (example numbers)

@Tri-Edge Gacha scratches (loot boxes 2.0) are in no way comparable to having a clear, concise, in game currency exchange available within the game for EVERYONE, not just premium users. Your attempt to compare the two is missing out on a whole demographic of players. Not everyone can, or is willingly to, especially with how things are going in the USA at present with the coronavirus, spend $50USD willy nilly on costume sets, or even $30USD for a premium pass.

Not many people are also able to or willingly to pay for premium when they feel that the game needs a lot of polishing, (cough some PC users cough). I don't speak for everyone of course, but I am sure there are people out there.

The main point I was trying to make was that there seems to be a more reasonable and efficient way with combating RMT and gold spammers in game rather than locking out a whole demographic of players out behind a subscription, especially when the spammers/traders are still very much present and their model hasn't done anything to deter them from doing what they do.

You either directly compete with them and draw the market away, or you isolate a group of players, and especially in this day and age in MMOs, with trading between friends being so commonplace, and expected to be a standard feature not locked behind a premium pass, the fact that the option is not readily available (unless you purchase a photon capsule that @Zizel was kind enough to mention), will turn off a lot of people.

I think gatchas came before loot boxes xD but they are somewhat comparable since you can sell the items you get from the scratches(provided you have a shop pass from fun tickets. ex. if you do 4 uq's of xh magatsu, you'll have like 70+ weapons to turn into excubes and can turn that into 35k fun tickets to try to get the pass even though the drop rate is horrendous), they are not exact, so they aren't a clear concise in game currency exchange. I'm all for SoJ coming out with a direct money exchange for special currency. It's just with how they price things, i feel like they'll overcharge for it. Also i suggested in another thread that if the reason for locking trading behind a premium pass is to deter the bots, it would be easy enough to instead lock trading until a certain level is reached.

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but they are somewhat comparable

No. They are not.

@Tri-Edge said in About the game....:

so they aren't a clear concise in game currency exchange.

Exactly. My. Point.

Gold sellers still exist in those games, of course, but those sellers are in direct competition with the developer because they found a way to appeal to their entire playerbase in the game. Sure, whales can still whale in both games, but they also don't isolate a whole demographic of players by offering them options they don't have to gamble on, whether it be real money on gacha, or buying from gold sellers risking a ban because of how cheap it is to do so, so they could afford the nice item they see on shops. And, they did it without locking trading behind a paid subscription, or a hidden capsule method.

Which I can almost guarantee that these gold sellers are using that exact method to sell their items and or currency to any F2P player(s) that may buy from them, circumventing the whole reason it was implemented to begin with, supposedly.

So, to me, it doesn't make sense to lock out a whole group to combat RMT, when those RMTers have just circumvented past it, as they typically do. It just doesn't make any sense, unless there is an underlying reason.

Long and short of it: If you want to combat RMT, you directly compete with them and make them obsolete, where the risk in engaging with them sticks out more when you, as a developer, offer various fair options across the board for everyone who invests both time and money in your game.

i don't feel like debating why they are somewhat comparable. Not a necessary point in the thread. Side note/question. Wouldn't the buyer need premium to even buy meseta from RMT's?

When u get to the end game content, u will understand why trading is unnecessary...

Been on premium since the open beta day 1, I have only used trading maybe 3 to 4 times. Most of the stuffs u'd like to trade will not be tradable in any way.
and stuffs that r high value and tradable, r usually came from AC scratch, and u r already paying...

@Ash-Lv1 Unless you're buying meseta with real money, you need a shop for endgame gear.

yeahh bro i've been in "endgame" at least for current content until ep 4 releases. I use the market on the daily. Unless you're just referring to the Circuray units being untradeable then yeah. Though even a brand new player could get those right now with little effort lol

Hello Arks! Your comments will be summarized and we will pass them along to the development team. Thank you for bringing this up.

If you don't have slave/nemesis, you're not endgame. Good luck making units and weapons with +150 of your offensive stat on a free account.