About the game....

Locking the ability to trade with other players behind needing to pay real money for Premium Access, is scummy, just....plain and simple, and no matter who you are or what excuse you may have, nothing will change that.

I would gladly pay real money for OTHER things from the Cash Shops, but paying to be able to trade? I would not willingly want to do that, as paying to be able to use such a BASIC feature, which a plethora of other free to play games let you do without having to pay real money at all, just......very terrible design here.....and I know the game has been like this for 8 years but.....yeah it is high time this was changed.....

If you'll travel with me back in time to 2004, the xbox version of PSO required a live subscription and your additional hunters guild subscription fee. they're doing nothing that bad really from a price perspective on what it costs the player imo.

I would not characterize it as scummy but I would say that it is a bad decision .

@Redex said in About the game....:

If you'll travel with me back in time to 2004, the xbox version of PSO required a live subscription and your additional hunters guild subscription fee. they're doing nothing that bad really from a price perspective on what it costs the player imo.

At least I understand why monthly subscriptions are a thing, in most cases if you are playing an MMO on a completely free account there are plenty of limitations that encourage you to pay for the subscription, but none of those games ever denied you the ability to trade with someone unless you paid real money to do so, or forced you to have to farm in game for specific items that give you super temporary access to do it a different way (Personal Quarters + a Gashapon Machine...)......even Star Wars the Old Republic gives you "Preferred Status" which is a state between F2P and Subscription that gives you better benefits then F2P and all you do is buy ANYTHING, regardless of the price, off the in game cash shop, ONLY ONCE and you have Preferred Status forever, if they did something like that here and it got me the ability to trade, then OKAY I would be fine with that, but the fact I have to pay a recurring real money fee just to trade is dumb as all heck


Simply.. This is, Phnatasy Star.

You don't want to have to pay to trade? we've experienced as a playerbase a generation of locking people out from the online section altogether for not paying in the past. dunno, worth every penny from my view.

SEGA put in a lot of work to make this series happen, I would personally never expect it in it's full form for free. people gotta pay the electricity / server bills. It's said that one of the CEO's from SEGA in Japan paid thousands of dollars out of their pocket to pay for the server fees/front the game so fans of the series could experience PSO the way it was meant to be. (and it wasn't free to play then!)

I think some of the features that are locked out might have been better off used as form of meseta sinks, like the Salon instead of the second Star Gem currency altogether. It just feels like far too many things in the game relies on premium.

Guys.. they didn't build this game with a paper clip and a rubber band. they're allowed to sell additional things if they feel like it, cosmetic stuff doesn't make the foundation of a great video game, it just adds to it.

Cosmetics do add, sure, but let's be honest. $66.50CAD to be able to purchase one of the Fresh Finds costumes that is tied to only ONE character is pretty damn steep. And the fact that for some reason NA doesn't have a more consistent, albeit limited, way of obtaining SGs like the JP counterpart just leaves me with a pretty bad feeling that I can't shake. As someone who has experienced well over a decade and some in seeing games getting ported to the west only to flop spectacularly for a myriad of reasons, I'm going to continue to observe how things go before I ultimately decide whether or not they've earned enough of my trust to open up my wallet.

@Spectra-Saberon I've commented in another thread that id be more inclined to spend money towards the cosmetic stuff if it were somewhat cheaper so I'm not arguing with that I just feel it's fine they charge what they want given there was no initial cost to pickup pso2.

The micropayment stuff in this game is simply outdated, and they never bothered to update it. For a new player this is pretty jarring, it's just something you have to deal with. Unlikely that any of these will get changed.

You're right, it is something that we have to deal with. It is also something that may drive off many new players because of, as you stated, how jarring it is, which ultimately hurts the whole community in the long term.

You are then left with a group of players that may be invested in the game, but they end up not wanting to pay for anything because they feel it is a cash grab. Which means they are taking up space, using up resources, and are ultimately being sustained by the whales in the community. That doesn't work out to well in the long term either. There should be a balance, but who knows if we will see it.

Every game I've played comes with free things I like, and not free things I don't like. Compare this game's salon with most other games. This salon allows to change things like hairstyle, face type and even voice, for free, as many times as you want. Compare with most games that lock that behind a 10$+ ticket you use only once. You hit apply and forgot to change the hair color after you did everything else? Tough luck. Heck, this game gives new characters 5 in game hours (that do not get consumed while offline) to edit your avatar as you please before any charges start applying.

Now, I used that as example of things that show up in some games for free, but others put them in the cash shops. On the other hand, I do agree with OP that it was strange to put trading behind premium. Usually trading is limited for free players but not totally walled behind premium subs. Character slots are also a strange thing in how they must be repurchased if you delete any characters after the third. But again, each game does it's thing, I guess.

While it is dumb, i see it as a deterrent to bots. So would make sense if they put it behind something to pay.

My suggestion was to allow linked friends to trade with each other regardless of membership status.

Linked being defined as the friend referral was used. That prerequisite would give credidibility to the legitimacy of trading (because players who invite friends outside of the game to PSO2 are likely to want to help them get on their feet).

Other than trading being part of that feature specifically, I see no reason to change it. If you are premium and want to give stuff to a non-premium friend you made in the game, invite them to your room and see the items from the capsule for the minimum amount.

You must see it a little different. You dont have to pay just to trade. You have to buy premium and get many benefits BESIDE the trading feature.