As per this post I made:

I'm making a suggestion to have SEGA/etc. to allow us three characters per ship rather than the current per account system that we have. However, to appropriately limit this system from allowing players to circumvent limits placed, I encourage the developers use one of the following two methods to ensure players cannot Ship Transfer these characters on a simple whim.

  • A data "flag" that tells the system that the character "Originates" from a specific Ship. (IE: Ship 3.) With this in place, the originating ship will disallow users to create more characters unless a permit is purchased if the amount of "Originating Ship" characters for that ship is 3 already.
  • Disallow transfers altogether to the full ship unless a player purchases a character permit to allow a character to be transferred to the ship that already has 3 characters on it, this would be required in addition to the cost of Ship Transferring. This will allow you to recoup the cost of creating a character.

The second option is by far the least confusing on consumers. However, the first option can be made less confusing if you add additional text to each ship's selection panel to show how many characters originate from each ship. Along with a marker on each character showing the ship they originated from.