Could use advice

Do I focus 1 element and max tec dmg or would i do more dmg if I focus more then 1 element in my skill tree?

Percent Damage > Fixed Damage

IE: Mega-Up + Element Damage Ups = Better than Tech Up.

Are you asking on advice for a Force build? You can get all 3 element masteries from the tree once the level cap raises. Right now most people focus on lightning and ice though.

@Zizel see thats what i did lightning fully, but I was like ok there seems to be more ice and fire mobs then lightning mobs. Then I was like if I go full lightning and boost the crap outa tec 3700 attm, coould i still do more dmg if I lose some tec for elemental (fire , ice) ..... Also does that mean i need more nem weapons with diff elements on them?

@NeCrOmAnCiN You should be fine with just one Nemesis. You are just losing out on ~3% damage when not matching the Tech to your weapon's element, and in the grand scheme of things, that 3% is not worth the cost of trying to get multiples of the Nemesis.

Also, the amount of TEC-Pwr you get from maxing out all the Technique Power Ups (aside from Mega-Up, which has a great TEC-Pwr to SP cost) is not equal to the boost you would get even just from splitting that SP between the other two elements since the 115 TEC-Pwr for 17 SP will give you at most like a 1 or 2% power boost, even taking Shifta into account. You even get better TEC-Pwr to SP cost by putting 6 SP into Photon Flare + Afterburst for 100 TEC-Pwr, with the only downside being a 25 seconds cooldown.

@AndrlCh TY very much for that answer