A couple of issues with the game that I think need to be addressed.


The times I was referencing were EST?

@Ace My British Standard Time my bad i hit est rather than bst, trust me playing from the EU with these times sucks so bad, to be fair people will sell items for what people are willing to pay if people dont like the price dont but it will go down or up depending on how hard it is to get. I also agree about the FF comments and The CBT item give me my damn dreamcast mag, that really pissed me off we did not get a chance to get that on pc.

Oh and 100% the translation is a massive issue and need's work I just use the JPN wiki now and go of item descriptions rather than the name.


it sucks for you guys too but no offense it is the NA release

it's not global

For EST on the east coast.

Majority of times even on weekdays or Sundays, they have the times set on the colanders to 2am, 5am, 12am.

They could in the very least do one offs.

Monday okay, we'll set this up around West Coast, Tuesday we'll do East coast.

I don't know what would be best.

But no reason why main events should be happening 12am, 2am, or 5am

The only resolution i could see happening on a global level is if they made each ship have its own Timezone for events like if Ship 4 revolved around EU.

@Blackichan08 I know that is an option, however, even doing as you stated doesn't really help much. This is what you see on the front page for the new hairstyle, listing the average price on ship 3:

Avg Price.jpg

And this is when you click on the item to see the actual item:

Current price.jpg

I understand that the average prices are going to fluctuate daily, but it does seem that their algorithm for calculating that average is a little slow. It is also mildly infuriating when the listed "average" on the front page is pretty far off the mark. This doesn't ALWAYS happens, but I have encountered it enough to not be in anyway optimistic of the prices I see listed as average.

EDIT: On the plus side, the weapon prices on the front page are the reverse, listed for 20- 32 mil average depending on the weapon and instead going for 14-26 mil when you actually look. The weapon prices are going down, cosmetic items thou, geez.

@Ace yeah it's NA but we all love pso2 and you will be shocked how many EU players are actually playing the game, maybe they should just go full random as people work night's some work days's cater to everyone. I know it's just the pain we feel here over the pond some of them are ok for us though at say 7pm but yeah.

@Spectra-Saberon Yeah I'm not saying all items are like this some are accurate to a degree, I'm not in to fashion really so I can not really comment but I have made a substantial sum selling 5 and 6 slotted unit's and also loads of nem and slave weapons still got a nice supply I'm sitting on till next enhance event then ill sling a few astral 7 and 8 slot weapons up on the player shop's for a tidy profit. I can tell you emotes on ship 3 are crazy like dance 20 which imo is the best one next to crab walk is 100+ mil.

To be fair a lot of stuff is being sold via personal messages as well, thing is people do have that choice to pay it or not I did see a form scythe sell for i think 80 mil this week someone said in the alliance who was watching it seeing if he/she would drop it to 60.

But as a whole ship 3 is a really cool place seen many other EU players most people are cool and will help you out block 69 is for the lewd though like a hentai show.

edit: oh on a side note some people are using the shop as storage space and listing items for crazy amounts so that's also inflating it slighty


I'm not surprised at all at how many EU players there are or players from all over the world playing

I'm just saying you know it's suppose to be anNA release and it should be catering mostly around those players as much as it sucks globally

I think they should officially make it global but yeah.

It sucks for everybody

The US spans across several time zones. Same for Canada.

To cater the UQ's around 1 side is a huge mistake especially since the opposite side has the higher numbers.

I just don't see the game surviving long in the NA market.

It's an 8 years old, gear is being rushed faster than challenging content can be given and there's really not much to do where it doesn't get stale for now, SEGA screwed up the release on PC, they're screwing up support, the PC market is annoyed with SEGA & that's their biggest community to be quite honest since many are coming from the Japan servers.

And yet what are they doing to make it right?

They're still charging prices that the Japanese market may be fine with but not in comparison of Western MMOS

They want to charge $5 for a Character... Not even a character slot.

$15 for name changes.

The only thing on par in the market is the subscription price.

We don't even have a dedicated support team. Issues just get sent to Japan and then that just further delays any sort of resolutions with problems.

All those small issues add up and people get annoyed.

With how much laziness there seems to be between poor translations, lack of item descriptions, pretty much anything text related, the bugs & issues with PC launch, any sort of Quality Control, consideration between communities, lack of any sort of real support team.

it just feels like a money grab for the western market.

@Ace yeah but I dont feel prices are that bad but then i only buy prem and I'm fine with that played FFXI for donkey's years and XIV that's what I'm happy to spend, I brought the founders pack that's all and I buy AC use 2 each scratch so it last a total of 6 Scratch's then I get some more if i get lucky i get lucky.

The pc release was shit lucky my pc was new as game broke it and had to factory reset my whole pc just to play the game but I think that was a Microsoft problem not a pso2 problem but i commend them for getting on it fast and fixing it slightly.

I do feel though if you dont like the prices dont pay it like I'll wait for sale to come around and see if it's worth it like they do little bundles of things, and if you buy prem for 3 months and do the mission pass to max it pays for material storage it's self as you get the outfits again from 30-35 so it's win win on that side of things.

but as i said i buy the odd outfit with meseta if i like it as I'm not in to this whole fashion is end game unless it's a pig suit like i had in xiv or quirky things like that damn frog hat lmao. But i will throw money at the screen if they bring that XIV collaboration over give me my Odin suit and moogle mag.

Yeah well you do get to keep that Character unless you delete it from what I'm told but only reason to have more is extra cash from weekly quest imo which is not needed.

I dont know what the prices are normal for name changes as I've always kept the same name in my game's so cant comment but 15 $ seems a little high for me to be honest that's a months prem.

100% agree about the translation it's wack and it effects the systems like playershops also need work I should be able not put in arm to see an item and also it's very slugish.

Well it's a business they got to make money at the end of the day, and with regards to gear and content that was bound to happen we are far stronger than we should be but if they did release the whole game at once. I feel it would have been to much to soon and people would just be overwhelmed well people who have not even played the JPN version so I dont mind the staggered release and in Dec we will be up to date with them.

But the game is good and it's fun but it still needs some work that is fact's

@Blackichan08 Well, hopefully one day I will be able to get a personal shop pass from FUN scratch to sell things on the market. With how the game is at the moment, I really don't want to pay for the premium. I also realize that means I will be behind in terms of my wallet for the foreseeable future, which means I will have to work that much harder in saving/not spending on phasion.

I just have some opinions that are a bit critical at the moment and as much as I am hyped to finally play on PC, I am also being a bit cautious. Especially when I heard you were able to obtain SG through casino, and so I did that for a bit, only to find out that option didn't carry over from the Japanese version for some reason. And as Ace highlighted, the prices for minor services, such as name changes, are I feel, a little over the top considering the age of the game. There are a lot of people that feel that the game and their prices are, questionable at best, downright money grabbing with no care to NA players at worse.

And the UQ's should definitely be more mindful to all the different time zones NA has. I admit, I'm in BC, so the times are more or less fine for me, but for everyone else, it is pretty ridiculous. AFAIK, the current Independence Day event is only happening twice a day, right? It's pretty crazy that they are scheduled at times 0300 - 0500 EST on work days/nights, especially with the badges being as highly prized as they are for the ray units/weapon. So yea, basically all the little things Ace has covered make me not want to open my wallet and pay premium at the present. I would like to see less of "Let's hurry up and port this half fast to make a quick buck and profit from the NA fan base" and more of "Let's do what we can to make this sustainable for the NA fans in the long term."

@Spectra-Saberon that suck's i wish we could gift a shop pass like 1 a month or something would be cool way to incise people in to getting prem but yeah the player shops are where the money is mate but the prem is worth it imo and it help's keep the game going but then we just had a pandemic and 15$ or 10£ in my case is money that could be spent on better things like food and stuff or just more important things than a game.

Yeah i was told as well about SG in the casino only that you can get them from the shooting game right? but that's all do you know how that works would love to know.

I was also told in the JPN version you can gamble star gems at the casino to.


Well everything we have now is literally same as Japan

but you got to realize the markets are different with different mentalities.

What may be okay there, may not be alright in the NA market.

You don't need multiple characters but it's stupid.

It is nice to have multiple characters cause then you can have more diversity, 1 male, 1 female, 1 male cast , 1 female cast. More money from quick dailies, events, Stargems from cosmetics.

if you make 3 characters, and buy a 4th. Then you delete character 2, you gotta pay $5 again cause now character 4 becomes character 3. What kind of logic is that?

The funny thing is the warning they give you isn't even translated correctly either cause they make sound like if you have 3 characters and you delete 1, you have to pay for a character. It's just weirdly worded due to poor translation.

That's a little irrelevant to my starting post but just something that I think is genuinely dumb on they've kept some things priced.

@Ace said in A couple of issues with the game that I think need to be addressed.:

if you make 3 characters, and buy a 4th. Then you delete character 2, you gotta pay $5 again cause now character 4 becomes character 3. What kind of logic is that?

oof that a little naughty and they really need to work on the warning's

Also this whole skill tree thing is fuckery to me 500 ac for a tree and you only get 1 to start should have at least given us 2 per class free and the skill resets as well no option to buy them you have to buy a new tree that is one of the games got ya moments.

edit: hey it's better to say it out so at least a GM or dev may see it and see what people are talking about 🙂


We're missing out on a lot of QOL that's present in the Japanese title.

PSO2ES gave you 1 SG a day for logging in (Even gave you free storage) All we got from PSO2ES were weapon drops (Sigma as an example)

You could buy Stargems from the casino with coins

Clearing Bonus Quest


PVP shop

In regards of the skill tree, right now Console players technically have gotten 6 skill reset passes. PC Players have gotten Zero.

I'm sure a lot of people screwed up their trees cause it's essentially a trap mechanic and same for the mag if you're new. At-least you can fix the mag to some extent.

I expect skill tree passes will be handed out whenever Episode 4 releases

Either way that too is a horrible start for new PC players.

Not many are going to want to start back up at level 1 or let alone spend money to redo their skill tree when they find out they messed up.

Most MMOs encourage you to put points into raw stats so new players will more than likely do so rather than how PSO handles it by putting it into percentage based passives or new skills that amplify damage more so than just raw numbers

it'll be disheartening for them

I wholehearty agree with all the issues presented.
I don't want to be too critical since the game is almost 1:1 with pricing with JP and there it hasn't changed much inn 8 years, some stuff like premium or mags are reasonable then there's baffling stuff like extra trees or the extra character then there's bonkers (mag reset ).
Still can't reallty wrap my mind around some of the community requests, 1st world problem are height restriction (apparently) and personal shop prices while nobody gives a thought about how the chat is shit, there''s no option setting for enlarrged UI (which is invisible on some high resolutions).
UQ times are also weird.
Overall it seems 0 thoghts and planning went for the NA version and we keep wondering if its because it's remotely managed from JP or NA team is just incopentent.
I would like to support financially but it's kinda hard to justify with the current state of the game.
For the future i'm also worried about the lack of meaningful content since apparently JP is extremely focused on UQ so if you're unable to take part in those for whatever reason there's truly little to do.

@Blackichan08 It would be nice if there was a way to use meseta to purchase shop passes rather than relying solely on the gacha. I also understand that people want to be supportive of the game, and I do to, but loyalty shouldn't be given blindly or just on a promise of better things to come.

To me, if they were serious about presenting the game to the NA market, they not only would've been mindful from the get go about the different time zones in NA, they would've catered more toward the timezone with the majority of the populace, and I say this as someone who is PDST, while also ensuring those of us that do live on the west coast have fair times as well. They also would've invested more in it's translation, as well as done more to ensure that their partner handling the client for PC was able to provide a functioning launcher that doesn't turn into bloated malware that duplicates, hides, and requires advanced knowledge in PC operation to troubleshoot in order to set permissions. The fact that a third party launcher is functioning better and providing more stability than that of the partner launcher speaks loudly to me, especially when they signed a contract that included having the rights to the game exclusively for one year, from what I heard. If they were serious, then they would be serious in handling all these issues quickly so that everyone, across all timezones, regardless of PC or console, could enjoy the game.

I get that there is a pandemic that is making things especially hard and slow, so I understand that we all need to have a little bit more patience with our concerns and them applying fixes, but again, I feel like they could've provided a lot better with their entrance to the NA player base. It is not like this is the first time a game was ported over to the west or anything. I'm sure there is tons of information/research available that they could've easily looked into.