Hello all,

I just want to let everyone know of the true intention behind this section being created. This is for Suggestions by players of what they would like to see in the game, and these are opinions that they are entitled to. They are not debate points, and the purpose of this section is not to debate someone's opinion. Please do not put down the suggestions of others, even if you don't think it can be done for this game, as Sega does make other games where they could be implemented.

Valid responses to player suggestions would include agreements with the players sentiments (so we can see numbers) and additional justification if they have it. Those who disagree can respond, however only by sharing why they disagree. Please do not tell others things are "not possible," or that they are "wasting Sega's time."

Generally, "I think" or "I feel" comments are valid. Judgement of others and their opinions is not.