I was in the Dragon Altar doing my daily harvesting/fishing with the aim of leveling both up. Before I started I checked my progress at the Visiphone and it said I had harvested 23/30 times and fished 26/30 times. Cool I figured, I'll snag both of those achievements easy.

I used all my fishing stamina while unlocking the achievement for 30 times then moved over to the harvesting node. I spent all of that stamina as well but nothing popped up. Confused, I went back to the ship and checked my progress at the Visiphone once more. It showed my fishing at 30/30 but for some reason my harvesting still read 23/30.

I've been grinding out Gathering Achievements in many different areas lately and had no trouble unlocking them in any other area. This bug may be exclusive to Dragon Altar Harvesting. No other issues but it is rather annoying to have wasted my day's worth of stamina.