Chat Restriction

Can some one tell me how I can tell if i have been given a chat restriction? For some reason My alliance members can see what I am typing but I cannot and I can't even use any emotes either I have not done anything that has warrants a Chat restriction if this is the case . I also have not used any symbol art that would be considered Lewed or something along these lines. People use plenty of that stuff and it gets into my History section but I have never used or spammed anything like this.

I'm getting this too man.

Chat isn't working for me either.

Suddenly I could after I sent a message in group chat. Dunno if coincidence or what.

All of chat is being nuked for pretty much everyone.

Emotes will also not work while one's chat is nuked, you can't see what you send out but other people might be able to. Some people just outright won't have chat show up for an individual for reasons of ???

This is certainly an interesting night.

@KSib Mine started working again and then it stopped. It seems the only place where my chat is working is in my PQ every time I get into any block's lobby my chat doesn't wanna work

@SuccubusAlice Do you know if there is some kinda offical reply or something that this is going on ?

It doesnt work for me either. Mics/SEGA fix your shit, please. Ty.


I doubt it would be around this early.

We might hear something if this persists long enough though.

It's not something done exclusively to you, everyone is having the same trouble. I cannot see my own messages but others still read, it apparently.

Chat dead, help I need to meme!

Crickets chirping on Twitter, no news yet. Can't even send or receive party invites. Need to start a mission, then have people join via counter.

@Pulptenks said in Chat Restriction:

Chat dead, help I need to meme!

This one speaks for us all.

From what I'm hearing from people who use tweaker, the issue is present for them as well. This may be some sort of error server-side. Hopefully it self corrects by morning.

This is an interesting little social system kerfuffle. Don't suppose anyone is having friends list issues too? I noticed a bit ago my one friend has disappeared from the in game friends list entirely, the regular Xbox one is working fine though