What's the biggest mistake you've made so far.

@WailingAlpaca42 check the settings in the options menu, you might have the wrong things turned off

Wasting 80mil for Aura weapon 2 months ago.

@Rhysticalz I did the opposite, fed my Melee Mag Dex Food. Also kept forgetting to feed it the occasional Monomate to prevent increasing Dex from feeding melee weapons.

Second mistake was getting Normal Tech Advance and Tech Charge Advanced mixed up on my FO.

wasted multiple 10* weapons for sphere instead xcube so i can buy lots of 30% boost for affix units, then i can sell 4 aug units for meseta (this was before i know how to properly move aug)

My biggest mistake was nothing nor didn't have one yet.

I don't know but I am sure I will find out.

The list below are about equal to each other, as they've all made me equally stressed at PSO2-- both NA and JP.

  • Carrying ungrateful NA/English-speaking players through several Mining Base Defense: Despair.
  • Playing with NA/English-speaking players in general.
  • Trying to teach people that ask for help, but don't actually want it.
  • Investing time and money on NA when I have 25 characters on PSO2JP all between 80~95.
  • Playing this game

Jokes aside, it really is a hit or miss when it comes to NA communities in MMOs in general.

Sometimes i'll find that newbie earnestly working hard and learning the ropes, seeking any and all information they can get to better improve themselves.

Most of the time, I just get the jerks that think they're good, and don't want any help when I can clearly see that what they're doing is far from optimal, or they've been misinformed. Also, the symbol art spam. I disabled symbol arts Day 1 of pc release, but i've had people complain about others spamming symbol arts mid-run, and I know it's mostly the English-speaking players that really tend to do it.

I always preferred doing most runs and boss EQs solo, or in a group of 2-4 people, but playing in NA has really made it apparent that I should just never bother joining randoms.

People on PSO2JP, Ship 2 were always saying "Now all the people from block 7 will move to NA!", what they didn't realize was... THE ENTIRE GAME MAY AS WELL BE BLOCK 7. For those of you that understand this... well, you know, all we can do is laugh and be disappointed at the same time.

Buying and affixing a Diavo Set looking for that +100 SATK.

Instructions unclear.

My biggest mistake was thinking I wouldn't get hooked on the sequel of a game I got hooked before....

Bought a Microsoft gift card to buy some AC, when I got to the store I inserted the code in the wrong region (my region instead of the US), as far as I looked there was no way to transfer this money to the right region so I spent it in something else in the store.

Didn't enable 13 star pick up during an ultimate quest, one dropped; got d'c'd right when I was to pick it up. Logged in, wasn't there.