Why people just don't break parts for bosses

Join a guild and make your own MPA instead wasting other players time who were trying to get the kill as fast as they can so they can move on to the next.

@Macmaxi which includes the full loot pool which entails and extra roll at rare loot.....

Maybe you should read the wiki entry again...

I don't mind breaking if there's a group consensus about it. Otherwise, it's fast kill because usually people come to play with no time to play.

Because we lack an official wiki, unless you wanna go to the one on JP. Breaking parts for drops was a thing before episode 4 if i'm not mistaken. Breaking parts then became more of a thing you have to do in order to make the fight easier, like the arms in the golems from the woods exploration. Your best source is the official JP wiki (not visiphone), or directly ask sega and pray for an answer.

Depends on the boss and the situation where breaking a boss part is a waste of dps. The biggest offender of this is magatsu where the parts and the boss health are different so breaking the boss's parts completly would mean that magatsu is still at full hp, you just cracked its shell without damaging its core. In this game of dps, pounding the same sore spot is what makes you win fast.

@YesterdaY most people don’t know. I really hate you have to break certain parts. Especially for items and no way you can find out about it because they don’t explain it.

I've always tried to break parts...I thought they made the fights easier?

In quests that drop stat IIIs, you should always break the parts of "big bosses" (e.g. expedition) for more unit drops. 3s+ Attack IIIs are good money and so are 5s+ expedition boss souls. (The souls that are used with Eastern to make "__ Di Soul.")

AQ is an easy source of stat IIIs and Facility is the most played one, which also has a 100% chance for Gal Gryphon to spawn from an uncommon Nyau code at the end of area1. If properly broken, I can usually expect 1M-3M from this boss because he can drop a ton of units and has a higher chance for 4s, 5s and 6s than most bosses.

As an example, here's the current values of Attack IIIs on Ship1:

  • 4s Might III : 700k

  • 5s Might III : 3.1M

  • 6s Might III : 5.2M

  • 4s Precision III : 400k

  • 5s Precision III : 1.3M

  • 6s Precision III : 2.5M

  • 4s Casting III : 200k

  • 5s Casting III : 900k

  • 6s Casting III : 2.1M

Unfortunately, most random people don't bother to break parts in AQ-- they just straight up speed kill it rather than spending a measly 10 seconds to break it's wings, legs and horns. One of the reasons why people stay poor on this game.

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Lyssa did, yes.

@SleeprunnerInc I agree on this statement. I rather spend the time taking down 2 bosses (or getting more repeatable urgent quests in) than trying to break all the parts on a boss. There is pretty much a 100% guarantee you will get more rewards from killing 2 boss types than 1 boss with all of it's parts broken. Plus coordinating 11 other randos to break boss parts is what you would call a cluster F.

Breaking parts in a mechanic that was phased out starting with Profound Darkness UQ in episode 3. Notice how for Mother and Deus did not require you to break any parts on them aside from enabling dps phases. The same is true for Dragon UQ and onward. There is no need to break parts its better to just dps bosses hp and go onto the next boss. BREAKING PARTS HAS NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER ON DROP RATES.

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