Should i spend 18 mil on the nemesis bullet weapon ?

Pretty much what the title says and i'm just making sure so i don't waste money


Unfortunately your the only person that can answer this..

You most likey need a slave and Nemesis to upgrade.

You also have 2 months to sit in ultimates to try and get them for free. 18 mil is probably the average and that value should decrease as supply goes up.

If you decide to main something else and change your class don't expect that you'll get back 18mil



The nemesis and slave weapon market is kinda of niche. They are sought after weapons not for their power but what they build into. They are not easy to get right now but will become easier to get down the road once level cap increases and we get more gear. Right now you want to be saving Meseta for bigger, greater things that are just on the horizon.

All this being said 18mil is essentially pocket change and you shouldn't have a problem earning it back over the next two months

lol no. People highly, and artificially, over value items in this game's market and they'll tank in value relatively soon. There's decent enough alternatives and there's an incredibly good chance that the next serious urgent quest is going to come with a better weapon set anyway which would be much more worth the meseta investment or farming time.

Hell, I'm still using a badge shop TMG and somehow my damage is holding up with most slave/nem users I wind up playing with. I don't know if they aren't affixing their shit, or if they're just under-performing and try buying bigger toys to compensate; but sometimes spending meseta on the fanciest new thing isn't actually going to help you much.

@Nuebot IT definately feels like that.

Honestly, save up your money and use the badges instead since those drop like crazy.

I would say no. 18 mil is a pretty big amount of money and you're probably going to need to +35 it with good augments. I would settle for a decent 12* and just spend the rest on cosmetics.

Whether or not you should buy it is ultimately up to you but I can offer some actual numbers for comparison. I'm by no means leet so I hope this thread wont get derailed by the "leet" players chiming in their 2 cents after this, lol.

I play Rng/Brv and I ran an astral riser +35(standard augments it comes with). On the Rockbear dps test I averaged around 1.4 mil dmg(said I wasn't leet).

With a nemesis shooter +35(with a few more augments than astral but no more directly buffing atk than the astral riser had) i averaged around 1.6 mil dmg.

In actual play the difference I've noticed/felt is while running SH daily quests with the astral riser a steady fire on average would kill 3 small trash mobs, whereas the nemesis rifle on average would kill 4 mobs at a time with the same attack. Likewise Photonic laser would typically kill bosses with one sometimes two less uses than the astral rifle would.

That all being said, the dmg increase of the nemesis over a badge weapon was enough to be noticeably felt and did make running SH content a bit shorter. I don't think spending 16 mil on the rifle was a waste as the time it's saved me on running dailies has let me spend more time farming ultimate quests(which are also now a bit easier to manage with the higher dps output).

******For those wondering why I parse low(I'm not in the 3mil+ club), my units aren't augmented with atk. I can't afford it while gearing two characters and three auxiliaries so I opted for gryphon soul/sovereign ward III/mastery III on them for the time being. Likewise my weapons aren't optimized with affixes/augments either(just saving affixes for later weapons, and using augments that the weapons come with when i get them).