[Ship 3] [EU] #error - Recruiting active members!

Hello friends!

We are a new alliance of a few endgame focused players, our leadership are veteran MMO players with a lot of hardcore experience, including world firsts in FFXIV and top 10-100 raiding in WoW.

We are looking for likeminded players who like to research how to get most out of their characters and who keep actively running whatever the current endgame content is. While we are looking for serious players we do not require you to be absolute min/maxers or to play any crazy hours. Just be social, active and always focus on learning how to be better 🙂 So what we essentially offer is a casual alliance with a chill atmosphere for serious EU players.

If you are interested you can DM me here, or in Discord: Rairu#1476

Bump 🙂 still looking for you serious EU players!

Bump 🙂 still looking.

Up, looking for more ❤