Deleting Back-ups in Mutablebackups Folder Question Windows 10

Other than right at launch, PSO2 seems to be relatively stable unless an update throws it out of whack (which I seem to be able to fix with the small amount of understanding I have).

I do not want to break the game, but am I able to safely remove the extra copies of the game in the mutablebackups folder, without hindering stability? I hope that one day the launcher will do this for me, but at present time I am a little hesitant in-case windows needs to recover a file from one of the backups.

It is over 150g ssd space, so if I can safely remove the back-ups I will immediately!

i believe so but i would wait and see. i have not done it yet and was waiting to get clarification on this as well.

I too feel like it is safe to do so, but after spending so many hours troubleshooting I don't want to do something stupid!

I've had to reinstall the game twice now and wiped the backups out each time without issues so far. Well, except that a handful of files in each one are throwing errors and not allowing me to delete them, but they're 0 bytes so that's something... I guess...