Automatic mouse click activation

Wondering if this is just an issue on my end. sometimes in game I'll either be sitting in the gate ship after entering it for a mission, or exiting it from one and then my character will just start swinging their weapon a few times without anything being hit on the computer itself. happens sometimes in the missions during combat as well. As far as I am aware it is NOT the dash key prompts. The mouse itself is not stuck or broken either.

Seems to be happening a lot at random. I was getting some disconnects today so I'm thinking that it may just be my computer but thought id throw this out there to see if anyone is noticing anything similar on PC.

When I went to open my inventory just now, I heard the mouse click noise when u click on an item fire off like a million times within a second when I hovered over an item without clicking it. dunno if it's a glitch or just my computer, or what. That would explain the auto attacks in the ship though.

edit: Just to add on a bit more, my computer has been known to act oddly in recent times so I'm leaning towards it being an issue on my end and not with the game itself, I had windows updates turned off for the longest time and then one blue moon the thing forced updates on itself well I was in the middle of using it so it has its quirks reluctantly. It definitely is noticeable.

Going to try and update mouse drivers later on, though if anyone has anything similar going on please do post.