The Casino needs poker

He's got a point.

But at the same time that feels like something that was purposely left out because it involves direct competition with other players and throws the simulated gambling label on the game which in these times gives a instant M rating.

But video poker.... Now that would be awesome. But you need a place to fit it..

No, this game cannot have a gambling label unless casino coins can be directly exchanged into normal currency. This is why MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV don't allow any rewards from the Gold Saucer to be traded, period. However, the devs didn't allow Mahjong to award MGP because of potential gambling rating needing to be added. But that doesn't make sense, considering Chocobo Racing and Mahjong both require either skill or knowledge on how the finer details work. (Not to mention, there are ways to give yourself advantages in Chocobo Racing more so than Mahjong.) No, I think the main reason why Mahjong doesn't give MGP, is because of how easy it is to forfeit/etc. and still get some reward. That's why last place in Chocobo Racing had its MGP reward removed.

To be honest, I wouldn't mind more mini-games, such as a snowboard mini-game that uses the mechanics from the boost pads/rings in Tokyo.

There was a pretty big poker game on Xbox 360 back in the day, and I don't think it got further than a teen rating.

But yeah, I played Black Nyak a bit with a friend and just kept finding myself wishing for Poker.