In-Mission Sound and Visual Events

Hi Folks.

Can someone help me with a guide to the in-mission sound and visual events. I've searched and been unable to find any guide to this momentary events such as the heart-beat, pings etc (I don't mean Emergency Quests!).

Many Thanks.

The sounds / visual cues are indicative of what can spawn in the current area, and often are at a higher chance during the cue / shortly after. Here's what I've gathered...

  • Electric + Heart beat = Bomb Event / Falspawner (Multiple Red Orb Destruction) / Falspawn Avoid (Not Gel Bulff)
  • Heart Beat = Any Falspawn Boss that can spawn on the current planet / Falspawner / Single Orb Destruction
  • Lilipan Scream = Lilipan Defense (Village (Mines Only)/Automaton) / Gesture
  • Wooshing (Without accompanying monster cry) = Any non-falspawn boss
  • Any boss cry without accompanying effect = Boss has spawned in the area (Usually) / otherwise higher chance to spawn
  • Rainbow woosh = ???
  • Purple Sparkly effect = Disaster (Corrupt Zones)

In some cases, Wooshing effect can also have a "Press Button to view event" trigger, which allows you to see the possible boss. Rescue and Gel Bulf don't have a cue, I believe. The humanoid Falspawn Bosses (Luther, Persona, etc.) also don't have a cue. Nor does clone.

Often times, the "Village" defense isn't seen, because it needs very specific conditions to spawn. It needs Abandoned Mines, at least one lilipan village that's more than one tile/square big and lilipans currently in the village. It doesn't help that there are more than one 2x2 map parts that can be non-villages.

@coldreactive Yeah. This is somewhat around what I was thinking. Thank you.

Allow me to give more detail on them, based on Coldreactive's comments.

Hearing electric crackling, followed by a heartbeat, usually denotes a Vizbolt E-trial that can be triggered somewhere on the map. Sometimes, it's a Judgement E-trial (Disabling bombs). The normal buzzing followed by a heartbeat denotes a Baize E-trial that could happen in the map, somewhere. Lillipan Screams are usually the Rescue/Gesture E-trials, or in the abandoned mine, the E-trial where you have to protect villages. The whooshing effet that is accompanied by an effect along the bobrder of your scream indicates a boss that doesn't have a distinct cry. HEARING a cry denotes a boss, too, but at least you know what boss it is. Additionally, on the floating continent and in the city, if you hear the Quartz Dragon's cry, you usuallyt get a chance to use your Action button to view it flying around in a circle, off in the distance. A crystal-sounding effect along with prismatic ripples indicates a crystal Defense E-trial. THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW. They are difficult, as the crystals don't have much health, and tend to spawn about 5-6 of them throughout the E-trial. If two break, you fail. But if you complete it, PSE Triggers go through the roof, and if you're in a large party, a 4-way Cross Burst with at LEAST Two WAN MORs is guaranteed.

There's also a variation of the first one, along with the sound effect that sounds similar to a Gilnach using its heal ability right at the end. This indicates a Clone E-trial, nearby. They're very rare, and only happen in Single-party areas.