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@animeregion IT DOESN'T NEED A SET EFFECT TO BE GOOD MY GUY im about to pull my hair out

@animeregion I don't even know what to say anymore... when your source don't even match up with what you are saying

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Correction to your Saiki its really MEL+70, RNG+70, TEC+70, Dex+50, HP+200, PP+20

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@animeregion uhhh he said he just compiled it from swiki


This is by far the most up to date and detailed PSO2 JP info and one of the most long standing PSO2 info site. It is not "been out for a half a year".

I know about the site but Macmaxi don't list all the info on his compiled ver. he need to make sure to list 2, 3, and 4 sets on it. This is also why not many use Arks-Visiphone not showing all the info on some stuff as well.

The reason why i didn't list them, is because on NA they mostly don't exist. Aside from the Set-Bonus on the Ray Set, which is did leave out on purpose since it's only a 60 DEX i think all other Set-Boni are tied to OT weapons which don't exist on NA. (gladly correct me if i'm wrong). I do love DEX as much as the next guy, but i don't think it makes sense choosing Ray Weapons instead of Nem / Slave becaue there should at least be a 20% potency gap between those two series, and well 60 DEX doesn't really counter that.

I did not use the NA wiki, but the JP SWIKI, in fact the list is a direct copy, as you can see the cell color coding is exactly the same as on SWIKI (based googledocs saving me time to do it manually). I culled a lot of info to omit unnecessary stuff, which all things considered is based on my own opinion, but it contains all the relevant information.

Hey by all means, buy my Saikis bros, i'm the last one to convince you otherwise, but i like to provide correct information and for me the most accurate interpretation i can offer is to that the sets total stat values aren't really different from one another and the allocation is similar too, so unless you really want to push durability (in which case you would go gemini + pdrive), it doesn't matter and you should take the one that is the easiest for you to aquire, which is Ray currently.

Also Rays are 12*s, JP players of all people should know what benefit these provide in a bit.

I feel like I'm being trolled.... just going to step away from the thread now

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@Macmaxi You did good work! Take it as feedback: charts with a lot of info are easier to read top to bottom than left to right 🙂 Think thin, short column vs thin long row!

Good point, i probably let myself be mislead by swiki's layout, but as the number of list items are increasing that would blow up the webpage's format, and it's more natural to scroll down. Possibly not an issue in a spreadsheet, but i plan to keep it updated for future updates so my current layout might be better suited for that.

In this case comparing only two, side-by-side is probably better, especially we are dealing with some reading comprehension issues here.

My bad got the names mixed up on Saiki Set and Brissa Set maybe due to too many window tabs open, might of miss posted stuff.

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The reason why i didn't list them, is because on NA they mostly don't exist. Aside from the Set-Bonus on the Ray Set, which is did leave out on purpose since it's only a 60 DEX

If your taying to help the community out don't purposely leave stuff out, in the end we are going to mix and match units and weapons. So we will need to see this purposely lift out information.

I played the JP but never got into the Ray System very much because there was stuff way better when Ray System came out.

Also this is my last post on this topic.

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I played the JP but never got into the Ray System very much because there was stuff way better when Ray System came out.

Must you really spread misinfo this much? There was nothing "way better" than Ray when those came out because THEY WERE THE FIRST 12* units to come out, everyone was still using Saiki at the time, with a few using Austere set instead which NA doesn't even have right now anyways. Only thing with Ray is that JP got to slot in rings right away while NA still can't.

As a perma noob and bad and lazy player, I picked ray everything because the badges guided me to it. I'm not at enough power to go farm saiki nor nem, and playing cat black jack with 4 characters every day was the laziest but most profitable to get me something better than nox and calvin.

So in my book, Ray is a hundred times better right now because it takes zero effort to get. When that pretty much free source gets closed, those coming behind will have to weight their options a little more, though, as those badges may not come as easy afterwards.

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@animeregion IT DOESN'T NEED A SET EFFECT TO BE GOOD MY GUY im about to pull my hair out

Just leave it people will be people >.<

If you consider the full stats of both saiki and Ray, compare it to the utility that will be implemented next month (so extra pp for saiki, extra ring slots for ray) and add in the accessibility of the two, Ray wins by a landslide, no comparison.

Already had saiki? Cool. You don't need Ray, but you might as well get it since it requires 0 effort to get multiple sets. You can use the money you saved not buying saiki on an Alles soul and doombreak II combo and won't need to affix until 13* units.

I feel like the people who went out and bought Saiki are having buyer's remorse right now, because they did not expect how quickly their units would be outdated while Ray Units can be later upgraded to Union.

That being said, don't forget to farm those Invader units from Profound Darkness because those can also be upgraded down the line.

@Archetype-Luna pretty much this even had a lass, in the alliance who paid 20 mil for her set but she got it quite early so at least she had some use.

Even for me I had ray way before the event in fact 2 or 3 full set's from farming ult's and now they given it out like candy due to the event people should be happy as you can use ray for quite a while.

Just go Invade Rear + Arm and Ray leg.

  • 170 HP
  • 31 PP
  • 95 Attack

plus whatever else you think is valuable from it.

4 Rings aren't that important right now unless you are one of the classes that actually need more than two ring slots.

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Gonna necro this thread because they didn't really give you the fill in on Saiki's crafted set bonus, which is over 50 pp. the raw set bonuses like plus attk power, plus dex, should not be sought after because they are a difference of 20 points from other units, which isn't going to be remotely noticeable towards your damage output. its all about the affixes in that department. Likw you asked, casters will actually benefit a lot more from using a saiki set than a ray set, because when crafted, ray will not be able to increase its pp value. saiki will be able to give you plus 50 pp which is several more casts, and as a force, you're not ever going to want to chance taking even a single hit honestly, so an hp set bonus is kind of irrelevant in my opinion. So if youre a Fo/Te Fo/Br and plan on going Fo/Ph later id recommend saiki over ray

You only need about ~180PP on things like FoTe for the time being, and Ray/Union will give you that and you can still get HP on those units. I'd rather suggest to people to use the units with ring slot futureproof, which gives you 1 L ring per, making you able to use 4 different rings, 5 technically if combination ring.

Saying HP is irrelevant is the equivalent of saying "I have no idea what I'm talking about". Ep6, EVERYONE is going to want to affix for HP. Currently right now? If you don't have HP affixed, you can still get 1shot in content like UltQ.

So no, Ray/Union is the way to go and you basically bumped the post for no reason.

having more HP is NOT EVER something that ESPECIALLY a fo/te should farm for even when the gaels weapons come out dude what are you even talking about. Not to mention nobody should even be rolling fo te right now without crafted techniques, their damage is absolute garbage right now. Even with a rikauteri equipped and even without spamming banishing arrow i do more damage than any fo te as a force braver because of the 260 percent potential increase among other damage buffs they receive, outperforming the 240 percent potential increase from any of the element skill trees. That will change once concentrated and powerful techs are available. the ray set gives you literally some dex, some hp, two things that a caster never utilizes. even with a techter giving you their maxed out shifta and with 1000 health you will maybe have 2 health instead of 0 health every time something hits you...their resistances are just bad. And by episode 6 there will be nobody rolling ray sets and the weapons will be beyond 3k attk power at base, and pretty much everyone will be expected to have some hp on their equipment no kidding...but ive been playing the game for 5 years mini maxing god forbid and I can guarantee you that 55 extra pp is 100 times more valuable than 150 hp for a casting class. their mobility basically forces them to take damage if you get too close. If you don't have a dodge from a subclass you're supposed to be at least 40 meters away from all enemies.