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If you don't have a dodge from a subclass you're supposed to be at least 40 meters away from all enemies.

There is the ring Tech Charge Parry which can be very helpful in this regard. You get Just Guard frames at the Technique Start Up. (0.60s) I also disagree with people not rolling a class at this time. If they want to roll a class, they should. Especially if they want to learn it. Can't say much else about the classes though, I look forward to Force / Tech after I level the rest of my classes.

Yeah, I play Fo/Te on one of my alts and it is actually a lot of fun. A very nice change of pace from being basically Vergil from Devil May Cry as a Braver. If someone wants to play something because it is fun to them, they should just play it. It's a game, it's supposed to be fun. No point in playing if you aren't doing it for fun. So what if the class is not meta; if you actually find content that you need to be meta to clear, well there is an option to change classes.

@Archetype-Luna It is fun, don't get me wrong.Its just depressing when your most impressive hits are only 500k and it takes 4 mediocre damage casts to even obtain that last burst of damage. (ilbarta) once concentrated ragrants comes out it will basically turn your force into a gunner lol. Without chains and s rolls of course. I wasn't trying to harp on the fo te's of pso2 na, I roll the combo sometimes as well. I'm just saying that at this point in time if youre running ultimates, you'll be lowest of the low on the damage scale. if you're trying to efficiently break parts and do so in a timely fashion people would rather you not roll force techter in the raid right now. Mainly I was just being petty because this other poster said "i didn't know what i was talking about lol." I got sidetracked from my main purpose which was to educate people on the extremely useful crafted saiki. People will assume that me and whoever else is touting it as the better set for casters are just pissed that we got powercreeped hella fast. But I have a ray set and a saiki set and I built them both from scratch, I'm not salty about anything, just want people to understand they will benefit more from a saiki set as a caster once you're able to craft it. Its true that ray is a better set, but not across all boards. Also I meant deband not shifta lol.

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if you're trying to efficiently break parts and do so in a timely fashion people would rather you not roll force techter in the raid right now.

If we are at that point, then there's something wrong with the game. Good game design means that while there will always be a main meta, everything else should also be viable if given enough effort and care. So the lowest hitting class combos SHOULD still be able to do all content. If that's not the case, then the game is at fault.

@ZorokiHanuke Basically PSO2 balancing works in a way that makes every player ridiculously overpowered, so that once a class is just "fair" compared to the enemies, they are significantly weaker than anything else. But there is pretty much nothing that can't do current content, so it doesn't really matter.

Also this isn't a traditional mmo, considering it's actiony nature, you can technically kill things with everything, given enough time. But to speak in more reasonable terms, even Gunslash is strong enough to do most stuff with ease

@Macmaxi Yeah, that's what I think as well. The problem is when the meta goes way above the lowest performing build, and I'm talking about both being well thought and well geared builds. If the lowest performing build can do 500k, but meta build does 3M in the same time lapse (tossing random examples here as I don't know the actual numbers), then balance just went out of wack, and it's up to the players to notify this, and up to the devs to bring that balance back.

The devs thought the best way to keep the balance is to create a new class (hero) that turns every other class obsolete. They didn't realize that players prefer to identify themselves with one class and want their class to perform well. At the very least SEGA does listen as they try to bump up the "legacy classes", but they definitely tried make it easier on themselves by pushing the entire playerbase on one class.

@Macmaxi I assume one of the reasons is, since a single character can access all classes, there can be some leeway in class balance. I don't fully like it, more in a game where the MMO trinity isn't as needed (as it will just keep forcing the meta on players the higher they climb the dps and efficiency ladder), but seems that's what we will be getting.

It was my understanding that Saiki was the way to go when compared to brissa. Saiki was preferred for "future proofing" because crafting gives it something insane like 50pp. However this was under the context of it being the best 12 star set. AFAIK there are higher rarity sets. So Saiki wouldn't be something you'd hang on to forever.

Ray is being recommended now because PSO2 eventually moves away from it's dependence on set bonuses and cares more for individual stats on armor so you can comfortably mix and match stuff. Also Ray gets an extra slot for ring affixing or something.

If you want my advice stick with Saiki for now if you already have it. We don't really have any content in NA that really demands you to have min maxed gear setups. Heck you can comfortably solo ultimate quests right now with a not even affixed gear. Same with the difficulty above super hard for urgent quests.

I'm not super familiar with PSO2 end game. But I don't think anyone is going to need to worry about having near perfect gear until we're much closer to JP.

Yes, I have affixed my Ray set knowing it'll go into Union, but also knowing that it won't be the best and I intend to have an Evledda, and that won't even be the best. I just know I'll be using Ray for quite a while, and I'm alright with that. Especially putting rings with it, as I intend to combine a few.

I do not know if i'll switch to Ray just yet. I only semi recently got saiki for all 3 of my characters. and none of the sets are +10 yet. The most important stat for me is PP. if it really only is a few small points of difference for PP between ray and Saiki (including when it's crafted ofc) I probably wont make the switch right away.

I don't plan on affixing anytime in the future either. I more or less understand how it works. I just don't want to go into the effort of doing so. I'd rather grind meseta and buy my way there. Even if that will take me much longer.

ray is overall the best one to get - can be replaced one by one with future units without loosing any set bonus - worth to affix it (make it 4 slot astral if you are much into the game and got most of the needed recources - or 5 slots with a way cheaper soul - not recommended for newer player and not really needed...just if you wanna min max already- (but not app soul it doesn give any PP and is way too expensive...only worth it if you feel the need for multiple attack stats or wanna craft units for more than 1 character) google "how to get astral on my unit - NA" for help - it will last you until the end of the year and beyond) - and you get it "for free" right now so pretty much new player friendly while the shop is still filled with !70m! saiki units (just because they are 170 attack stats...i would personally never want to loose on PP but each their own...its always better and cheaper to affix yourself cause most of the stuff is listed to make money...there are exceptions with rather cheap things but they are rare...- or if youre not much into it ask somebody in alliance for help or on forum)