Help me salvage this build

I originally wanted to have a multi-purpose tree to use as a sub for both hunter and summoner, then I had the idea to put some points into weapons to help level it up, then I abandoned it entirely and bought a new tree to use as my hunter/summoner sub. I still have the original tree, but now that my fighter is level 75 I want to actually try the class for real.

I don't really want to spend $5 just for a new tree and have 3, with the main one totally unused.

The points I have in it already something like this.

I then was thinking I could do something like this, but that's either only 7 points into overload with nothing else or 5 points overload with the pp regen and one point left over.

I suppose the question is how important overload is to the class in general.

Fighter and hunter don't sub well with one another iirc.

@coldreactive You're joking.

Hu/Fi and Fi/Hu are the standard.

maybe they meant summoner and hunter? lol

anyways, at level 5 Overload you are still getting the full 20% damage boost and 275 s-atk boost (with your current points in line slayer/crazy beat), but you'll have 50% uptime instead of 66% uptime at level 10. if we assume purely for simplicity that Overload results in a 30% damage boost while active, Overload at level 5 would be giving you a 15% damage boost on average, as opposed to 20% at level 10.

this obviously simplifies things a lot compared to reality, but the gist of it is that while Overload is pretty important to Fighter, the power you gain from the first 5 levels is much greater than the last 5 levels. it's really up to you whether you want to wait for a skill tree reset or level cap increase, but imo, 5% more raw power isn't that significant compared to the skill level of the player using it, particularly on Fighter. it's entirely possible we may get a free reset by the time you've become fully comfortable with the class, but again, you know yourself better than i do

i would also suggest considering putting the last point into Overload Photon Charge over an additional point in Overload (and i'll also note that your skill tree seems to be two points short of maxing all of the skills you want by level 95)

@lily-rain said in Help me salvage this build:

maybe they meant summoner and hunter? lol

I was told in another thread when asking about mags for melee... that Hunter/Fighter and Fighter/Hunter were undesirable.

@lily-rain Excellent! What might those those required by 95 abilities be?

@Brave sorry, please ignore that very last bit about being two points short. i actually made a mistake when i was simulating it due to my incomplete knowledge, which is why i recommend reading this guide by whoisthisacekid or this one by Kyo if you want more guidance on what skills to prioritize

@coldreactive could you pm me a link me to that thread if it's not too much trouble? i'm curious what the full context was

Heyo, both your builds have Photon Slayer at max, and that's not a very good investment imo. You also only have 1SP invested in Crazy Heart when it's most useful to have it at max (5/5). The reason is because Crazy Heart will proc during your time in Overload and will help aid you in PP regen during your Normal 3 attacks. More PP regen per hit means less time using normals and more time using PAs which will overall increase your dps.

That said, if Photon Slayer is your thing, then go ahead and keep it. But if you're looking for optimal build, I suggest investing only 1SP if you really can't leave it behind.

@lily-rain said in Help me salvage this build:

@coldreactive could you pm me a link me to that thread if it's not too much trouble? i'm curious what the full context was

Sorry, I'm tired, and haven't gotten enough sleep. It was pointing out braver/bouncer aren't good subclasses: "especially" for hunter/fighter (Using "especially" means they also think they aren't good subs in general.)

ah, no worries. i made a mistake in this thread too. it must be cursed

Drop of Rain354 is correct that Photon Slayer isn't the optimal use of points (and they made some very good reference posts about it). i only take Photon Slayer over Melee Power Up 3 because i'm using a Fighter tree for both main class and subclass to non-melee main classes to save money (lol), but you probably shouldn't because you already have a main tree and a sub tree

I'd put 7 into Overlimit, 1 in Photon Charge and max out Crazy Heart. You can max out OL later, chances are if you just start out, you're probably gonna be struggling to reach the end of OL in stuff like Ultimate Quests.