Deleting Characters and Character Permit

So I bought a Character Permit for 500AC. Turns out that if i delete that Character, i lose the Permit too. So i am a bit cautious and want some clarification if possible.

I have 4 Characters, from my research, i can delete characters made on the free slot and make another one but i can't delete the specific character that i purchased using permit. This made me think if i could potentially copy my main to this 4th character slot that i can't delete and then delete the other 3 when i need to.

Is that even possible? How does this deleting characters and Character permit work exactly if you have 4 characters and more?

Think of it this way: If you currently have 3 or more characters, it will always cost you to create another character. Deleting one of your original 3 doesn't get you a free slot if you still have 3+ characters left.

Deleting a free slot character will still only leave you with three characters, meaning you still can't make another character without paying.

@Ilúvatar Ok that sheds some light onto this topic.

Moral of the STORY:

Do not delete characters after you have purchased Character permit and Created a character. Dear lord, this policy is so garbage. Sorry for being rude, but this needs to be explained in easy terms when deleting a character.

Hopefully they will change this in the future. If you do buy a permit and create a character, it comes out cheaper in the long run (I think) just to recreate the character in Salon. If anything, PSO2 proves the mentality difference between the East and West when it comes to MMOs...the East doesn't mind P2W or Cash Grab games...over here, we take money a little more, when you pay $5 for a character slot, you expect it to be permanent.

Honestly, the current model of PSO2 will hurt it in the long run in the West, causing it to lose players rapidly...I've seen it happen all too often.

@Wolf-Moonstar said in Deleting Characters and Character Permit:

Hopefully they will change this in the future.

Extremely unlikely. You get a warning when you attempt to delete a 4th character saying you have to re-purchase it. The warning would be better placed both on the deletion warning and when creating / purchasing a 4th character.

You wouldn't want to delete a character anyway unless it was to change race/gender. We'll have ship transfers eventually.