Xbox Club for Ship 1 - "PSO2 Ship 1"- Lots of Features

Made a club for ship 1 last night. Since entire ships are connected and not static like other games (where you are randomly put into a social space with a few other people), I figured it might be a nice use of this Xbox feature.

It includes a built-in lfg, chat, and streaming sections.

There are some rules so please read and follow them before joining:


  1. Be kind to everyone.

  2. Be respectful to everyone.

  3. Be APPROPRIATE with everyone (no vulgarity or obscenity will be tolerated).

  4. No toxic elitism (for example: don't be afraid to post your in-game drops/tips, but don't cross the line into making the community unpleasant).

If you're interested in joining just search for "PSO Ship 1" in the Xbox club search. Also feel free to add me on there!

Should just condense 1 and 2 to: Be excellent to each other.

I'll be sure to join when I hop on my xbox.

@Plazza7020 Nice! See you on there!

@Rantious hahaha "whoa!"

Even though I'm from another ship I'll definitely be joining this 😄

@Valleria-Lockheart Definitely! Would love to have ya on there regardless!

@RAcast Yeeeee you ship one folks have me wanting to ditch my ship to hang out y'all instead lol.

I'll definitely hop on board!

@Ler Awesome! Party's growing!

Ship 1 fo sho

@Duchess-May Most definitely!


I'm new to Xbox One but there's a lot of people on the forums I want to play with that is joining so I might too haha