Not applicable - removed.

Not applicable- removed.

Should just condense 1 and 2 to: Be excellent to each other.

I'll be sure to join when I hop on my xbox.

@Plazza7020 Nice! See you on there!

@Rantious hahaha "whoa!"

Even though I'm from another ship I'll definitely be joining this 😄

@Valleria-Lockheart Definitely! Would love to have ya on there regardless!

@RAcast Yeeeee you ship one folks have me wanting to ditch my ship to hang out y'all instead lol.

I'll definitely hop on board!

@Ler Awesome! Party's growing!

Ship 1 fo sho

@Duchess-May Most definitely!


I'm new to Xbox One but there's a lot of people on the forums I want to play with that is joining so I might too haha