Launcher opens in Japanese

@WoahOwnsYou So I restarted a couple times and it just isnt working still

@WoahOwnsYou On top of that, now when I try to edit the permissions on RESTRICTED it shows some error about enumerating pso2_bin although Services remains with full access.

So from what I have been able to figure out (and I am not a developer, just a slightly informed user with very minor background in programming) is that the MS Store has an active link to the file. It will try to "fix" what it thinks is corrupted if there is an update (which there is) and the only way to fix it is to conduct a hostile takeover of all file ownership that are related to pso2. Little luck involved too I would say, but until you can actively delegate full control to the right entities in file permissions the game just doesn't freakin' work. Plus, the MS store is always watching 😮

@WoahOwnsYou Okay, so it finally like stuck and both the system and restricted are now given full access I THINK, but the game still opens in japanese lol

how are you opening the game? Are you using the launcher in the folder or the desktop shortcut? if you use launcher in folder it's the japanese version

@WoahOwnsYou I just use my Windows Search Bar, although now i've already resorted to a reinstall