Launcher opens in Japanese

So, after having a lot of issues with the initial download due to lack of space, I tried opening the game after my last login where I made my character and did one part of the prologue, but the game launcher would not open despite multiple attempts and a restart of my computer. After another restart, I open the launcher and the damn thing is in Japanese. Not only is it making me redownload the game in the launcher, but I cannot fix it even with more restarts.

Cancel the JP download, same thing happened to me and it's due to wrong installer running that results from a permissions error on pso2 bin folder

@WoahOwnsYou I cancel the download, but how do I get back my actual game in English? It won't let me open up the game unless I let the download go through

right click on the pso2_bin folder and see who owner is and what permissions say. I bet it says "trustedinstaller"

@WoahOwnsYou I can't even locate the game in my computer files, searched all over

Path to the PSO2_bin folder is C Drive - Program Files - Modifiable Windows Apps - PSO2_bin

@WoahOwnsYou Thank you, I located the file, but what do I do with it now?

@WoahOwnsYou Also, it does indeed say the owner is Trusted Installer

@Breadstickings now comes the fun 🙂

MS Windows Store = "TrustedInstaller" The store has a nasty habit of taking control of the folder. The reason it will not open is because when the active user attempts to run the file, the system cannot locate the PSO2.exe (the actual game) becuase its not allowed to. But, we can fix it!

1 - change owner from trusted installer to your PC login 2 - Give full control access to System and RESTRICTED 3 - it might start up halfway through, but dont stop modifying permissions, it will work 4 - may have to do this for a couple other folders too if pso2_bin itself does not fix problem

@WoahOwnsYou So uh, how exactly do I chang the owner to my PC login?

click advanced and change. Then type in your pclogin into the box and click search. mine is my name "xxxpc " then click apply. after that, you can go back into security tab under file properties and adjust ownership (it won't let you at first because you do not own it, the windows store does 😮 )

I am almost done downloading the latest patch (62kish files) must be an update sega pushed and MS pushed, but the glitchy MS Windows store just has to mess it up and change file permissions..wonder what the update is

@WoahOwnsYou So I gave restricted and system full access but its still in japanese, what now?

give your comp a restart, upon restart, make sure that permissions did not revert back, and that you clicked login to this website and opened xbox app.

I just launched the game. Throughout my personal troubleshooting i restarted a few times.
Maybe i will make a thread addressing this issue. I believe i fully understand underlying problems and how to address. I won't do that until you are in though!