Technique elements vs force specialization

I've been poking at the skill tree, however I don't see a way to have a solid build going for it. I also see that many use Grants based, which I'm a bit confused on since force is elemental. Are the boosts for elements on force more of nice to have a or something?

Here is what I recommend as a base build for Fo/Te. I left out a lot of things like what weapons to spec into because that's player choice. Make sure to spec into Flame Tech S Charge if you plan to use Fire techs at all.

Edit: Forgot to mention, make sure you pick up Tech Charge JA Addition too in one of the trees. That's super important.

As for elements, the only one Force doesn't get a lot of use out of would be Fire, mostly because outside of Forest, Fire and Light share a lot of common enemy types. That's not to say Fire is completely useless though as the boosts to Fire also affect the Compound Tech Fomelgion.

Agree with @NotZyreth . Even if you don't use those techs much, getting the elemental boosts for all elements is useful because it gives a huge bonus to your compound techs. On my Fo/Te I'm running 6/10 Mastery 1 and 5/5 Mastery 2 on all 3 elements on the force free, and completely maxed for all 3 on the techer tree. You should have enough skill points to do this without sacrificing any of the other must have skills.

Also, the reason a lot of Fo/Te builds will focus on Grants is that a huge amount of enemies in this game are weak to light. But by balancing out your elements, you can use whichever tech is best suited for the situation without worrying about being specced into a different element.

This is my build, it's basically the same just with the remaining points filled in. I take the Talis skills because I prefer Talis: