Last two missions on story mode

Anyone done these on Hardcore yet?

I mean the last two missions in episode three chapter 4 with the lvl 80 enemies and bosses

Tried those awhile ago but they may require better gear and a bit more player skill to dodge stuff. I still haven't even done the fight before those two for similar reasons (also level 80).

I assume the only advice I can give you is to learn the boss patterns and dodge accordingly. Not getting hit may be ultimately best than trying to face tank them. They hit quite too hard for that.

I almost finished it, but I totally forget if it's dmg or time based for the corrupted ones. If it's dmg based I have to stay to gun mode on my gunblade as Strezwei gun mode trips enemies. But time based...I could S rank easy.

The corrupted Lilipa one is fairly straightforward (don't get hit if you want S rank, hit enemies) . Mining base needs you to know the good AIS rotation and when to laser ( or just whack it like a man (

Yikes...maybe it's time to put up my gunblade. Max I see is about 60k in overload lol

You can always wait for the scion classes (Specifically as main class) if you don't like AIS (I sure don't.) You only get three AIS usages. The giant laser it charges cannot be dodged unless you're a magic-type class with the fade dodge. Or have a skill that gives you invuln.

The fight is mostly about dodging, as you'll have a lot of these tiny "enemies" that kamikaze into you whenever the boss changes its stance. All of the enemies may look like they're 80+ on hardcore, but they actually have stats higher than 85. All of the story quests that say that it's a high difficulty quest aren't joking around. (The corrupted zone underground shafts quest is actually supposed to have this warning too.)

It would also be HIGHLY advisable to use something other than a Gunblade, too. They are objectively poor in damage output, compared to other weapons.

@Pun for the most part I'm just wanting the gunblade class that comes out in August. That and I just can't have fun with any weapons other than that and ds, which are apparently nerfed due to no ring

Also just did corrupted lilipa with gunblade now lol...ate some meat rations and it was enough

Come on the story at 80 isn't as hard as to make shit up about it. Story mobs don't have more HP or harder hits than ultimate quest ones. The Falke Leone you get in the story can be easily stunlocked. Well that's for the last two missions at least.

The videos i see..... I need gear like that. I mean, I went there doing at most 4k per hit. These guys are doing 42k MINIMUM!

@ZorokiHanuke reason why I run a gunblade. Too many people not affixing and stuff. If I can do 40k per hit on a gunblade, people should be excelling higher lol

@Noctosis Yeah. I haven't affixed at all because I'm VERY slow and bad at learning things nowadays. And I can have the best gear but if I don't know my class the gear will be useless. So I'm doing just that. But again, what you may learn in 10 minutes, may take me days, weeks or months. And in some cases I may not even be able to learn it. Ive become that dumb.

@ZorokiHanuke I wouldn't say that. The game doesn't really help you figure out affixing. It's probably why there are welfare units with general affixes on them to try to help

@Noctosis said in Last two missions on story mode:

@ZorokiHanuke I wouldn't say that. The game doesn't really help you figure out affixing. It's probably why there are welfare units with general affixes on them to try to help

Haven't played in awhile due to real life and all that (another bugged game, if you ask me). But at least I've been surviving on the few cheap (5-7 million) +30 weapons with affixes being sold on player shops. Hardly the best stuff, but at least other than those few instances where ridiculous dps is needed, the rest of the content is highly doable. What I do see in this game is that some content is way easier than advertised. Namely, most SH expeditions can be cleared pretty much as soon as you get the levels to allow entrance.

On the other hand, those last few story quests have ridiculous dps requirements compared to even the previous quests, all because they do not scale like the rest. But, at least that gives me an eventual goal to do when I get more time to dedicate to gearing and leveling, so it's not all that bad.

As for learning affixing, you are right. the whole thing is a logistics mess, and even guides can get confusing if you don't commit.