Independence Day, VR Simulation Training Day Event Rewards.

So from what I understand, the Urgent Quest that's a virtual simulation of Vegas, is supposed to potentially drop an assault rifle known as Hyoutenka, and a weapon skin called Charleville1776. I've done it numerous times, as I've been farming it, specifically for those two items, and I haven't seen anything but bad trash drops. As I haven't seen any other players yet on Ship 3 with any of the reward items, I have to ask, does anyone know what the drop percentage is on the event rewards?

There's also the sword and rod items, but again, not a single player I've seen has them. This in stark contrast to the sonic event, where those sonic themed camos for Jet boots were over abundant. Was anyone out there lucky enough to get any of the reward items yet? Those are my only two questions.

Usually, you can find these on personal shops, if they are tradable. Haven't checked all of them, but I suppose Snow series weapons of all weapon types are available on this UQ. For example, Snow Calm, Flowering Icicle, Flash Freeze, Frost Petals, Idesigure or Impending Gale.

I've ran the UQ several times and have not seen a single drop in Very hard nor Super hard difficulty. It could be an extremely low drop chance or only available in the highest difficulty.

@Fiona-Respha I've gone through the list of all possible drops, via the search feature in the personal shops, by direct name input, which when done during the Sonic event, for the extreme gear jet boot camo, returned plenty of listings, wheras here, not a single store in ship 3 has any of the rewards for sale.

@Anarchy-Marine All right, it seems to be my fault to assume there must be some on the market.

Ship 1 is like this. There were around 20 of the camo on sale when I took this.


So, they surely drop. I personally got Flash Freeze and Hyoutenka so far.

Also, you can check up the quest log. The quest log has cumulative records across all ships, so you don't worry about the differences between ships.

So Ship 1 is super lucky then, lmao. Or more players are active on Ship 1. Still, hopefully they start showing up at some point. It goes with a look Im going for on one of my characters.

Edit: So I just noticed that 1776 was mistyped into the naming in game, as 1766, which is why I never got any results. It's a typo. The weapon I wanted however still isn't on sale, unless that too was typed wrong.

@Anarchy-Marine I did the same typo of 1776, but actually, the event announcement itself was bugging 😆

Also, if you are not sure about the exact weapon name, setting the category as Weapons, sub-categories as weapon type you want, rarity settings as 13 only will usually find out. Try both of "Search by Order Put Up for Sale" and "Search by Price" as these two can return slightly different first page results.

@Fiona-Respha I think a developer that was working on the port was under a lot of stress/pressure due to the virus, and in their haste mistakenly typed 1766 instead of 1776.

As for your weapon idea, I think I'll try that.

Edit: Found the rifle immediately using your method, it too seems to be misspelled, or spelled differently from what was posted in the event notice. I never thought to use that feature. Discovered some cool weapons I've never seen drop before for sale.

Here on Ship 3 Thorn, I ran every VR training urgents since release day. I had all the buffs that I can have on me... Not a single event item drop.

I have ran it maybe 10 times on hardest, full party, tree effect level 6, 250%rare drop booster, 150%tri booster dropped it to 100%, the full 50% daily booster, and the berry pie booster. I have received a few level 12 units, mostly ex cubes and photon, and only have dropped the Winter Katana which is actually very nice. I ended up buying the camo for 1.5 mil as it has been going up in value (was at 1mil). Other than that, no luck nor even seen party members get anything good. Tons of sigma and nox though.

Is anyone else still getting glory badges from this? I think I got 16 today from VR training urgent quest but there is nowhere to use them that I am aware of now. Guess they are needing to be discarded? Be cool if it was dropping the Rising weapon badge 2's instead.

@Mycow8me Someone on these forums, told a guy that had 4k of them, to hold onto them until next year. So just hold onto them. If they have no value next 4th of July, discard them then. Better to be safe than sorry.

@Anarchy-Marine Always better than sorry.