Activity - Make your educated guess!

Open Beta start: Feb 18th 2020

Open Beta end: March 3rd

Official release: March 17th

Bonus question: Feb 17th

This probably wont age well

@John-Paul-RAGE said in Activity - Make your educated guess!:

I also invite the admin team to make their guesses.


Yes, pls. No traps here.

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@John-Paul-RAGE said in Activity - Make your educated guess!:

I also invite the admin team to make their guesses.


Yes, pls. No traps here.

( อกโ€ข อœส– อกโ€ข ) Nice try. I see what you did there.

@GM-Rappie ๐Ÿค thiiiis close!

We Arks are resourceful, we shall not fail!

Everyone that chose Feb 18th as their bonus question answer got the axe!

@Tekmut was too ambitious.

@John-Paul-RAGE yeah I figured but I can dream cant I lol

Feb 28th. Go go gadget intuition

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  • Open Beta start date: 3/14 (White Day and Pi Day)

  • Open Beta end date: 3/21

  • Official release date: 4/3

  • Bonus question: When will information officially be released? 2/26

Nervousness level rising...

welp, I was wrong >< no real news today.

All the 2/21 bonus questions get the axe!

OB - MAR 06 until MAR 20 Release MAR 20

First real bit of info: Feb 28th Wrong on this one. No new info, just vague hope.

Open Beta (Xbox Only): March 13th

Open Beta (PC): March 27th (if PC not in Open Beta then release will be late May - Early June)

Release: April 10th-April 24th

Probably won't be playing NA anymore at all due to their silence on everything since the closed beta(Also going to Japan in April). Could understand if it was a brand new game but an 8 year old game they should know the in's-and-out's on? Nope. They should of planned better to keep the hype. Each week they say nothing but "soon" they lose more and more people. Good Luck Sega.

The final week of February is upon us! Lets hope some of the February guesses left end up being correct, I really hope we get the news this week.

Open beta start March 3rd 2020

End of open beta March 13th 2020

Full game release April 3rd 2020

News on everything for open beta March 1st

Hoping game will be out before May after may is not spring to me. Hope open beta is crossplay with pc cause this will be different servers than what they use at jp.

Just a reminder for people, don't expect any news on a Saturday or Sunday until after the game launches or starts a Beta. I noticed that they rarely ever, if ever, post on the weekends after their CBT ended, even in response to others asking questions on Twitter.

Personally, the earliest I expect any info will be Monday March 2, since that gives them enough time to get information together on what their plans are and it be just before the start of Spring. OBT will likely be that weekend on March 6 or the following week on Monday March 9. OBT will likely last anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks with Launch either being immediately after or within 4 weeks.