Player unselectable In Nearby Players and from use of mouse.

Happened on Ship 2 B-069:Free Play Recommended.

Player DrexJDW (Character: Ezra) has no name displayed above head. Asked if they could whisper me to run some troubleshooting for a bug report. They claimed that everything appeared to be working correctly, however other in block could not select them or see any form of name or title. they moved blocks to another and returned to no change in the ability to select them. they were able to invite other into a party and after joining a party I was still unable to select them. they then logged out and logged back in and no change in ability to select the player. from mouse or from nearby players.

I am running on PC however others in block were experiencing the same issue of not being able to select the player.

Below are some screen shots of the message displayed when selecting the player.



@KaLaMaRii I know it isn't the case, but this just makes me think of some of the stuff from the story in Episode 4, that I heard about, as well as seen in the Anime. Which I watched in preparation for said episode.

Pretty crazy either way, that the timing of such a bug would show up now, in advance of it. This is actually the first time I've seen a bug like this in the few months I've been playing this game.

Encounter this a couple times too. Wonder why

I'm wondering what it is as well. My friend is stuck like that. She is visible to xbox players, but not visible to PC players. Changed her settings to allow voice and text, reinstalled the game. I checked if it was oxyna, wasnt cause u need it to log in. I couldnt see her in the xbox companion app, but i went to the xbox website and found her there. Sent a friend request, and it didnt show up for her. So we have no idea whats going on or how to fix. I submitted a bug report but have yet to hear anything, am wondering if i ever will?