[Ship 3] Code: Aegis [Open recruitment, Casual to Semi-Hardcore Alliance seeking new members!]


Code: Aegis is a newly formed Alliance with the goal of becoming a community where old and new players can play work together towards end game content. By teaching new players the proper boss and quest mechanics we believe that the community of Ship 3 could grow and thrive like Ship 2. Although we don’t care about the Alliance rankings, we strive to become one of the best alliances over time as we grow.

We are a Casual, to Semi-Hardcore alliance as myself and the officers share the desire to improve our performance in-game as well as helping others along the way. Even as we currently have small numbers, we are very active. Our focus at the moment is maxing out the Photon tree and the Alliance buffs as well as preparing for the oncoming EP 4.

Contact Information

Leader: Judgment (Le Grumpire#0968)

Officers: Artemis (Artemis#6290) Saucey Sauce (Blackzerker #8441) Xai (ArcticXai#0383)

Discord: https://discord.gg/Rt4eSXe

Active Timezone(s): US - EST However our schedules are varied as some of us are nocturnal. Any and all timezones are welcome to join. -

Alliance Requirements. Active, friendly players with a desire to improve themselves in-game when it comes to their class as well as Class and Boss mechanics. New players or JP Veterans are welcome and encouraged to join if they would like to be in a relaxed, and casual environment.

Alliance Recruitment: In order to join, please feel free to drop into the Discord server with any questions or interest in joining. There is a small period of two weeks where folks may remain in the provisional rank as we get to know the new members and see if we are a good fit for the alliance. After two weeks of participation, folks will be made a full-fledged member.

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