Game won't open and won't uninstall.

Just as the titles says, please help me. I just want to play my damn game, I've been waiting 9 years.

Can you tell me if any of the PSO2 EXE Files are in C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin

If they aren't, delete pso2_bin and restart the computer (IE: Full restart/shutdown.)

I used that,

Launch has been a shitshow, was fine with it until it was eating HDD space on my rig... now im pissed lol

The game is Malware. There are a ton of topics on here since launch with this same question. Look around and you can find how to delete it.

There is no way to prevent it completely.

I long ago reached the disappointing decision to give up the game until its available somewhere else.