Ship 3 - Looking for Alliance members that can keep it clean and family friendly!

The title says it all! If you're interested in joining our Alliance and can keep language and jokes clean, we'd be happy to have you here!


Ship 3: Thorn

Alliance: Remnants

Leader: Aitheros

Officer: Atrinity

We currently consist of 10 members with a couple more planning to join next week!

You can contact me on Discord at Hannah#5604

Remnants is still open for members! Currently accepting players of any level! ^^

We are level 5. We have storage unlocked for members! We keep the base interesting with different layouts, too!

We are still recruiting if anyone is interested!

Update! We now have 14 members and a new officer! You can feel free to message me on Discord or contact Aitheros in-game to join!

Still actively recruiting on ship 3 for anyone interested and wanting a more family friendly environment!

We're at 15 members now! We have an optional discord group for members to join!