Dealing with faster bosses...

As the title says, how would you recommend dealing with faster bosses as a hunter? Should I use a partizan? Should I try that Blaze Parry PA even though I suck at that kind of timing? (Perfect Guard I can do, but I think the window on Blaze Parry is smaller.) Just wondering since sometimes I find it hard to actually keep up with the boss, either by catching up to its new location or constantly having to block attacks and not getting any openings.

Which bosses are you specifically having trouble on?

i personally think wired lance's Heavenly Drop is the most forgiving because it has invulnerability pretty much the whole way up and down and is very quick to activate. it also has a skill ring that counters with Heavenly Drop when you get a perfect guard by blocking. however, if the boss moves while you're in the air, you'll probably miss. Spin Dance is your long distance travel PA, costs relatively little PP, and can also be used to dodge attacks at close range while building a tiny bit of gear and continuing your TAPA combo, while Grapple Kick works well for catching enemies and continuing your TAPA combo at medium distances. i dislike using Grapple Kick at close range because it often puts me behind the boss, but try it out for yourself (TAPA means tech arts perfect attack assuming you're using Fighter subclass)

partizan's main damage PAs are mostly charge PAs with very quick animations, so its playstyle is often a matter of matching the rhythm of your rotation to the boss's attack rhythm to block with charge parry. however, Impact Rise's crafted version is your main travel PA, and it isn't out yet (it also has a counter skill ring that lets you throw in some blocking if you're too low on PP to charge parry). you can still catch somewhat mobile enemies with Assault Buster, though

for sword, you'll just have to get used to using Blaze Parry because its damage output is too high to forego. it can charge parry with Rising Edge and Guilty Break (the latter of which is also your travel PA) as well if you need to. sword is the hunter weapon I've used the least, so it's likely someone else can give you better advice here

This is what i needed, thanks for the info.

Guard rings for WL and Sword. Use Guilty Break both for damage and gap closing. Don't charger Rising Edge to max power but only halfway so it does 3 hits since the DPS is better like that. For some bosses you can combo Rising Edge with Twister Fall as long as you hit at least 2, preferably 3 hits of the shockwave from it. Otherwise one of your fastest way to get proper damage out is Blade Bash and Rising Edge combo. Sonic Arrow also offers fast damage but the PP cost compared to damage per cast is huge.

I've got a good flow going now, thanks for the tips.

Well while we're here, any tips on hitting smaller Weakpoints as Hunter? (EX: Dio Hunar's arm nodes and chest, the mirror on the Nightfall Prov boss) My broad strikes always seem to hit the side on the enemy when aiming for something on a flat surface.

@Hatsodoom For smaller weakpoints, I don't think there is any easy trick. You just need to perform these actions precisely:

  • Use rising edge for precise hit on small weakpoint
  • Adjust your position with double dash to approach the weakpoint
  • Jump at the right height then attack
  • Slightly prefer air normal attack than charged PA if you just need to do 2/3 hits as you know boss will move soon

For fast enemies and bosses that move around alot, I use ranged attacks. I like having a launcher for fast movers and gunblade. Also Wired Lance for range.

Then when they slow down go in for the sword or partizan or gunblade.