For People That Can't Get On: What Game Are You Playing?

If you can't get on, be sure take the time to walk away and play something else, at the very least for your sanity. This discussion is for people that can't get on and suggestions to other games that might pass the time or maybe even move on. As for me, I'm currently playing: Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen .Hack GU Last Recode Final Fantasy XIV

The latter of which, I'm trying to get a linkshell going with other people that can't get on. Apply to "Emergency Code: Quit" on the Leviathan Server if interested. But for anyone else having issues, what game are you playing?

Total War Warhammer II. I feel like an absolute noob trying to decide between HE, Empire and Brets for a newbie playthrough, and the one lord I really want to play gets cucked hard by his vassal. I'm looking at you Nakai

I suppose those with money would go to FFXIV or WoW, and the rest would try to search through the sea of cash grab "F2P" stuff out there. Now, most of those free games could give some hours of entertainment for free if you have never played them, and if you are good at making friends ond joining guilds. But of course minding that reaching and maintaining yourself end game worthy will be a lot of work when playing free.

My game does work,but I am still playing a myriad other games. Currently working on Red Dead Redemption 2,Devil May Cry 5 and STar Wars Jedi Fallen order on PC. On Switch I am going through my Megaman Zero and Langrisser nostalgia. On PS4 I'm working on my Spiderman platinum mostly.

Rimworld whenever I dont play PSO2.

Animal Crossing New Horizons as I recently hit a lull (which i'm glad cuz i went in PSO2 so hard now I'm mildly burned out). why arent we able to log in? when i click on the shortcut to game, nothing happens..apparently its a common issue?? does anyone know whats causing it? or is the server down?

Your game might have Uninstalled itself. [Late]

Not a video game, but I've been watching more anime in general. "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon" was better than I thought it'd be. Although now my furlough has ended so I'll go back to a more normie life.

I decided not playing this game wasn't an option.. however, I have a copy of links awakening I've been meaning to finish one of these months or years..

@XUL said in For People That Can't Get On: What Game Are You Playing?:

Your game might have Uninstalled itself. [Late]

....u being serious? i dont understand how a game can uninstall itself, is this a sign of rise of the AI?

update:thx for the reply!!! i went to microsoft store, and it said 'there's an error on app, u need to reinstall game'..i assumed the servers were offline all this time!...i wouldnt of found out if u didnt reply so thx

No problem, glad to be of help.