Add an option for camera based targetting

Currently your character's direction dictates your target rather than where you're actually looking. Camera direction based targeting would make it feel far more consistent.

This image shows the to be target being in the direction the character faces rather than where the player is actually looking. pso2_vFT6ohT7Lc.jpg .

Have you tried pressing your Z key/right stick? Over-the-shoulder (OTS) mode might be what you're thinking of. Or at least it's the best of what you're suggesting at the moment.

@Moofey The issue is playing a class like gunner that is hyper mobile. and locking on helps a lot. Most games do lock ons based on camera direction rather than character direction because you don't know what direction you avatar is facing at all times. Yes you can z aim but that doesn't fix the issue with lock on targeting seemingly random things. It's a super easy thing to code a basic dot product lock on dot(camerDir, targetDir);

@poiyomi Ah, I see.

I'll agree with you on that. It would be nice to simply point at a spot and be able to lock onto it.