Un successful Item Activation Input

Hello admins, game devs, ARKS players and the other entities. .

I own the game for XBOX ONE and Windows Store (and any other future pc platforms)

Well, I ended up having a kinda serious injury, which renders myself unable to play the game at my gaming desk sadly...

So I’ve tried the Valve Steam Controller, Sony PS4, Microsoft XBOX ONE S-controller and Elite revision 2 w/ Bluetooth. Everything controls fine, quick selection of weapons in the cycle selection, now going right down to it.

Quick bar 1-8 I cannot activate anything such as Antidote, Dimate Etcetera while using my Xbox one controller . Is there a special button press Two or more buttons To activate dimate quickly? Getting a little frustrated because I have health items and can’t use them quick enough. I do apologise for starting a new thread at the moment not at my PC but iPad Creating this thread.

Aside from using left and right to scroll along your subpalette, there is no way built into the game to quickly use subpalette items with just a standard controller.

On PC, you can use programs like JoyToKey to set up your controller with hotkeys for them, but this will obviously not work for the XBox One.

The only other real solution, aside from having a wireless keyboard with you, is to use an off-brand chatpad so you can use the top row of number keys as your subpalette.